The Last Days

I am not a Medical Doctor. However, I am old enough that I have seen several relatives and acquaintances die.

Many of them did not die like that, instantly, as in when there is a blackout and all lights suddenly go out. Rather, they seemed to die, to stay with the metaphor, like a light bulb that slowly dims out, its light getting weaker and weaker until it vanishes altogether. I think we can all agree on this, as I believe that it matches the life experience of many of my readers.

Now, I wonder: those people who are now very weak, slowly “shutting down” and preparing themselves (or better: their bodies preparing themselves) for their meeting with their Creator, are they not at risk of getting all kind of diseases in their last days? A body that is so weak that it can barely function, will not be very likely attacked by all kind of microbes, viruses, and the like? Is this unreasonable? Am I wrong?

Follow me now: if anybody who enters a hospital when he is about to die is tested for Covid, will it not be the case that very many of these dying people, who entered the hospital for the only reason that they are already dying, will be tested for Covid, found positive, die (as largely expected and factually inevitable) shortly thereafter, and land in the ominous statistics of people who “die within XY days of testing positive for Covid?” After which, countless of mindless liberals with a safe job in the public administration will insist for the 34th lockdown, and please make it hard, because I am so, so scared and love humanity, I just don’t care for all those who are going to be ruined.

Were these dying people all tested for the flu and all sorts of other infective diseases in years past? Or were they not tested, because it is really not important whether someone who is dying, and whose natural defence are giving up one by one, gets – say – the flu, or the Chinese Virus, in his last 18, or 26, or 72 hours of life?

You know where I am getting: I think that people who are about to die get all sorts of infections, including Covid, in their last days, which is – I would think – the unavoidable result of their bodies losing the ability to defend themselves against them. This is, normally, not really tracked or recorded, as hospitals don’t waste resources to test dying people for all sorts of diseases. But now, that the resources are there, every dying person is recruited in the number of the “tested positive for Covid” people (though they might not even show any specific symptom!), so that Dr Fauci can go on TV and tell us how many masks we need to wear.

Again, I am not a doctor. I am thinking out loud here. It seems to me that there is some common sense in what I have just said.

If I am wrong, please correct me.

If I am right, please reflect that the daily army of the dying is being recruited to make life impossible for the much bigger army of the living.

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  1. This theory was posited early in this scamdemic. Doctors were being told to note that if a person was dying from something else, to write “with COVID” on the death certificate. But you get to the motive. Or at least you question it. From the beginning this has just been endless manipulation. Now, Fraudci et al are saying double and triple masking might be required. I guess not enough of us gullible twits are dying. Not enough plastic bags or self-smothering pillows to go around?

  2. Charles Prezzia

    You’re right and I am a physician.

  3. I am not a medical doctor either, but like you, have witnessed the passing from this life of many, many elderly people as well as those who aren’t so elderly, but have pre-existing health conditions. I agree with your assessment, however politically inexpedient it may be. Never before have we seen the daily death toll be broadcast on television nor have we ever seen an overreaction such as the one we are currently experiencing. It is absolutely mind-boggling because it defies logic and reason and the basic fact that we all die. I have had people, well-meaning people, scream at me because of my callousness and that I don’t care that people are dying! My statement always will be people die every day and they have since the beginning. This is not callousness, but reality. If we follow their line of thinking, then any microbe that comes along will result in lockdowns, shut downs, vaccines, masks are all sorts. It’s just lunacy. The bottom line is people actually do not want to accept the fact that they are going to die even though they know it is a reality. This isn’t about saving the other guy, but prolonging the inevitability of one’s own demise. It is the height of self- absorption.

    • Thank you for this excellent distillation of the thoughts fueling the continued acceptance of the draconian lock-down.

  4. You are spot on. It’s been confirmed they are tagging everyone who tests positive (at over a 90% FALSE positive rate due to high PCR cycles) as “Covid” even if they die of a car crash or liver failure. It helps with their fear porn, control and attempt at the Global great Reset. Even early on a British researcher found 2/3rds of people dying of Covid were going to die within the year anyway. And with the false positive rate so high, most of them died from the flu and their conditions instead of the faux disease. Covid is a scam. Does it exist? Sure. But at over a 90% less rate or more if done properly…and it only takes out people with major health conditions: obesity with diabetes, hypertension and smoking history. So get healthy and you will be fine:+) God bless~

  5. I can do you one better. My sister-in-law has been struggling with breathing problems for several years. Probably because she’s a nut who cloroxes everything. M.E. takes oxygen at home but one day it wasn’t enough. She called the doctor who told her to go to the hospital. She shows up and they stick her in a covid ward because she told them she couldn’t breathe and they assumed she had covid. It wasn’t till the next day they realized she didn’t have it so then they stuck her in another ward but now in quarantine for 2 weeks because they had exposed her to the covid. That experience has her now in a rehab place. You realize all she needed at the start of all this was more oxygen. If she had died you can bet they would have put covid down as the cause of death.

  6. You are absolutely correct. Common sense tells you this is true. I dare say that when this all unfolded and the hysteria began, it was simply reframing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of elderly people as “ death due to Covid!!!!”

    We have sacrificed the livelihoods of millions of people in the prime of life and the psychological well being of countless children due to this Scamdemic. Covid is real, but the survival rate of those under 80 is > 99.5%. THE AVERAGE LIFE EXPECTANCY IN THE USA REMAINS 82 YEARS OF AGE.

    There will be an accounting, if not in this life than in the next.

  7. NHS England publish weekly CV19 deaths by age and pre-existing conditions
    in the file below.

    According to 4th Feb data from NHS England, 571 people below the age of 60 and
    with no pre-existing conditions (ie., healthy) have died from Covid-19 and a
    further 1283 below the age of 80. The population of England is estimated to be about
    60 million of which about 57 million are below 80 years of age. The chance of dying
    in hospital from Covid-19 for those below 80 (571+1283 = 1854) and with no pre-existing
    condition from the start of the pandemic has been:

    (1854 / 57000000) x 100 = 0.00325% or just over 3 people per 100,000.

    We are in an absurd and dangerous medical/political tyranny based on a monstrous lie.

    Pray many Rosaries to Our Blessed Lady.

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