The Pronoun Fight

I do not know if you are observing the same, but it seems to me that this “they/them” thing has gone way too far.

I have been taught, when learning English, that the plural, when people of both sexes are mixed together, is “he” or “him”. This is the same as in Italian. “If a driver is found speeding, he will be fined”. At some point, the utterly pointless “he or she” stuff began, because people wanted to point out that squirrels, generally, don’t drive. Then we had the “they”. I was told that this has been taught in school for a long time. Strange world.

But now it is getting worse, and it is clearly “gender theory”-motivated. You see people mentioning an obvious male (e.g. John Smith) and then refer to the same person as “they”, as in “John Smith had an accident driving his car. They were taken to the hospital”.

I can only imagine that this is first-class, hard-core gender rubbish. I think it is meant to mean that whilst this person is legally known with the name “John Smith”, we do not dare to assume his gender as he could identify as one of the 100 or more “genders” apparently in existence.

This is becoming mainstream, folks. It is slow, but it will happen.

I suggest we do two things: First, we *correct* the person (“Who is they? He is a man!”). Secondly, we use the “they” staff in derogatory manner, when bantering with colleagues, or the like. Same as all those other political correct stuff, like “non seer” for “blind” and “differently able” for “stupid”.

Language is a powerful tool. The leftists know it and use it relentlessly. The people on the right side, too often, don’t understand that words shape thoughts and adopt the use of the left in order to look moderate and kind. It sickens me when otherwise reasonable sites like Breitbart and American Thinker use the word “gay” to say “homosexual” or “sodomite”. They are, wittingly or not, selling out.

Don’t sell out.

Fight for the proper pronoun.

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  1. We are creating a world of madness where words have no meaning. We need to fight for reality. This is something we can all play a part in. We concede reality to others at our own peril, because once they control reality it’s out of our hands and up is literally down, etc. This is all by design and making people frightened they are using the “wrong words” and control is the whole point. Resist and refuse.

  2. That. Mundabor, he is one articulate hombre! His essays are so muscular, so virile and pack quite a punch. Not for panty-waists his blog!

  3. The lower house of the legislative branch of the United States government has presented/passed a resolution that no new legislation will have any references to gender. Man-woman, husband-wife, aunt-uncle, sister-brother… all will be neutered. I am sure the upper house will be glad to go along.

  4. As Alice in Wonderland said, “Things are getting curiouser and curiouser!”

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