Fake News and Real Deaths

We live in times in which fake news and pseudo science dominate our lives.

Our most basic freedoms are curtailed, at the whim of our rulers, because of statistics that are easily, and factually, manipulated at ease. Millions of people listen without laughing, and actually taking it seriously, when alleged experts tell us whether we need one, two, or three masks. The entire run of Western economies is negatively influenced by news of impending doom peddled by retarded youth and supporters of Communism .

Don’t get me started on the political world, which has now gone full Bizarro. The Vice President* has actually encouraged unrest for months, even inviting her supporter to pay bail for violent criminals and looters, but nothing happens to her. An election is stolen in front of our very eyes, but you are treated as a subversive for purely mentioning the obvious fact. The (legitimate) President calls for peaceful protests to prevent the steal, and he should be impeached from an office he no longer holds. It truly is bizarre.

Meanwhile, in real life, very concrete things happen whose harsh reality is completely ignored by the media. Last time I looked, around 900000 babies were killed in their own mother’s womb, by the will of their very mothers, every year in the United States alone. These are very real deaths, not manipulation of statistics. Nobody ever mentions them. They do not seem to care.

Let that sink in, and reflect on it next time you see on television people discussing about how many masks we should wear to prevent the, if we are healthy, infinitesimal risk of dying of the Chinese virus.

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  1. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    We need bishops on the model of St. Ambrose who excommunicated Theodosius for massacring 7000 in Thessalonica. What do our bishops not understand about Catholics who enable the murder of millions? Are the babies not real to them? What if the Catholic politicians wrote laws enabling the murder of all the cardinals in the United States…..Think they’d be excommunicated?

  2. We can expect bizarro from the people who believe in transexualism, pedophilia, and abortion, yet we don’t have to give credence. The saddest part of it all is that so many do.

  3. From now on November 6 should be designated National Gaslighting Day, because that is what is happening in America on a grand scale. Gaslighting with threats of violence or cancellation if you don’t act as if you agree with the outcome of the revolution.
    Over 75 million Americans are being denied justice. Justice means a full, thorough, public examination of what happened on November 6th, to answer legitimate questions.
    They cannot punish people outside the US for asking questions. If they know others are watching they will have to at least pretend they care about the 75 million Americans, and the abuse can only go so far. Americans have rendered help to other nations again and again.
    It would be a good time to return the favor.

  4. R. Hunter Bidet

    Impeach the h0e VP Tamale Harris for inciting an “insurrection.”!

  5. The past is eternally present to God. When a woman has an abortion, the present moment quickly becomes the past. As time goes on what she did fades from her memory. After awhile it may almost seem to her as if someone else did it. She moves on with her life.
    Maybe she gets married and has other kids or has a great career. She does a lot of good. Surely God will conclude that the good she does outweighs the abortion she had so long ago and give her a pass, right?
    But the murder of her child is always present to God. It doesn’t fade from His memory. He doesn’t conclude that her niceness outweighs the blood on her hands. The murdered child is owed justice for his life being taken from him. Everyone throws in the caveat that a woman who repents of her abortion is forgiven and therefore not damned. Right. Got it. Most women I know who have had abortions are just fine with them. They are rabidly pro-choice. They march for it. They vote for it. It’s their sacrament. They storm churches during Mass trying to replace Christ’s sacrifice with their own bloody one. Don’t be surprised if someone has an abortion on an altar just to make the point. Wonder if the woman who has the one millionth abortion will win some kind of prize.

    • What a beautiful comment, Annie!

    • Make that the one billionth, Annie. Sixty five million in the USA alone. Since counting began. Yes, will she get a prize? Perhaps an all-expenses paid vacation to the town where Acme Coat Hangers are manufactured. And a 24 carat gold necklace sporting that favorite charm of the pro-choice brigade.

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