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Francis Is Pope

Will it never, ever end?

Who is President, Trump or Biden? You know the answer, even if we don’t like it. The one who is the President under the sun is President*, and Trump himself (though he is emeritus) says that he himself is not it anymore. Therefore, no matter how bad Biden’s Presidency* is, and even in the knowledge that Biden actually stole it, it is a fact under the sun that Biden is President*.

Still, it would be easier to fantasize that Trump is still President, then to fantasize that Benedict is still in charge. Any person who abandons himself to fantasies of a Trump’s second term now running knows that there is a new game in 2024; but any person who decides (in his mind) that Francis is not Pope has condemned himself to Sedevacantism, then there is no way you can bend yourself into a pretzel and decide in which way the Cardinals illegitimately appointed by a fake Pope can legitimately elect his successor. Then be honest with yourself and say that you are a Sedevacantist, with all the risks, for your soul first and for common sense second, that this entails.

Someone might ask: “What is your solution then, Mundabor?”

I don’t have to find a solution. God already has the solution. I merely observe the facts, and do not bend them to my fantasies. Facts are facts. Joe Biden is the 46th President* of the United States. Fact.

I have written many times that I do not see (bar a strong, fast Divine intervention Catholics most certainly have not deserved) any solution during my lifetime. Francis could be succeeded by Francis II Cupich, and the latter by Francs III Tagle, and Francis IV might be worse than them all together. When all seems lost, Our Lady will, by God’s grace, intervene and set things right, as promised.

We do not have to concoct abstruse theories about who is Pope. It is bloody obvious who is Pope. Ask Benedict who is the Pope! Ask Trump who is the President*!

What we have to do is stay faithful to the Church and Her teaching, and live and die doing the best out of the situation given to us. If you ask me, my hunch is that God will allow the situation of heretical Popes (nothing new by the way) to go on until Catholics in vast numbers reject the Francisrubbish and demand an authentic teaching again. If my hunch is right, none or almost none of those reading this today will live to see sanity restored.

What is the solution? Christ is the solution. What can you do? Pray more and ask God that He may put an end to this punishment soon is what you can do. There are no easy, human solutions. There should not be, if the affront of Vatican II is to be remembered for millennia to come.

This mess needs to live in infamy for many centuries after it has ended.

Don’t expect an easy way out.

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