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‘Umble Popes should pick ‘umble coffins..

I have long searched for the link, but I couldn’t find it. IIRC, in a recent article Archbishop Vigano’ stated that it is fine, if one is persuaded that it is for the good of the Church, to pray for the death of the Pope.

I am tempted to say: you read it here first.

Many years ago, in fact.

However, it is not even so. I have not invented anything, nor do I want to. It has been a long-standing tradition of the Church that it is perfectly legitimate to pray for the death of a Pope who is considered a grave problem for the Church. I remember, on this, that the opinions of theologians differ on whether a good Catholic has the faculty or the duty to pray for such an event, but this does not impact the argument I have been making (I have never told anyone that he must do like me, and pray for the speedy departure of Francis from this vale of tears). Still, as for myself, I most certainly do. Also, in accordance with Tradition, I pray for his painless death: predictably, you can’t wish Francis that he may die of anal cancer and I am (obviously) fully on board with this. If the Lord makes him die peacefully in his sleep, I will consider it a great grace, and may Francis’ “awakening” in the next world be on the right side (difficult, but hey..).

Mind: in a courageous act of quasi-V II sensibility, I even pray that the Lord that He, in His goodness, may free us of the Franciscourge unless he resigns; however, the Three Popes would be quite a spectacle (I never liked the Three Tenors; I saw The Three Amigos too many years ago, but I certainly did not consider it memorable; and Benedict does not seem intentioned to check out yet), one that I would very much like to avoid. Therefore, I’d say that if the Evil Clown kicked the bucket today everything would be copacetic in Mundabor’s world, and I would not even make an effort to cry.

Once again, we see a phenomenon that is becoming more and more frequent: in the total absence of statements containing even traces of Catholicism from the Vatican, Catholics take their Catholicism from elsewhere: that is, from people who – fallible as we all are – are considered better able to teach us sensible Catholicism than that bunch of sissies (or worse) currently in power.

The bad news in all this is: when Francis is gone, don’t bet your pint on his successor being much better. It will very difficult to be worse. It will not be easy even to keep on par. But only Divine intervention will allow us to get a Pope that will condemn, or even make us forget, his predecessor.

Still, I invite you to pray for a new chance, in the hope (long shot, I admit) that God may put an end to our deserved punishment for too many years of Vatican II madness.

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  1. Roderick Halvorsen

    It is possible I think for a true Catholic who is savvy to the goings-on NOT to have at least reflected on the spiritual and temporal benefits of the exit, sooner by prayer, of a terrible, heretical Pope. One wonders if David in his heart ever prayed directly for the removal of Saul, even as he refused to do what he had in his power twice to accomplish. In the “Condemned Propositions of the Laxists” of Pope Innocent XI {See Denzinger-Hünermann 2113-2115} we see condemned the wishing for the death of another, rejoicing over the death of a father, etc. However, these refer to such a death being the cause of a temporal advantage of the one wishing for it. A different thing than, say, the hope one might have to see a great tyrant exit this world, or, for eternal reasons, one who uses his ecclesiastical authority for the leading of little ones astray or bringing harm on them, whereupon one remembers the millstone and neck reference by Jesus. At any rate, we must always have the best in our hearts for all, including our mortal enemies, lest we fall afoul of Proverbs 24:17, 18: “When thy enemy shall fall, be not glad, and in his ruin let not thy heart rejoice: Lest the Lord see, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him.”

    Yes, Mundabor, the thoughts of God’s…not man’s…hand removing this man soon have occured to me, as I am certain they have occurred to many others who have watched the rape of Holy Mother Church and can not bear it any longer. But God knows what we do not, and what purposes He has for this crisis are not known in detail to any of us mortals.

  2. Personally I’m afraid to start the practice of praying for the death of anybody because in my state I may find that list may quickly grow to include all sorts of people I’d be happy if I never saw or heard from again. None that I know personally, but lots in the political and church realm.
    If people are apoplectic on a daily basis over Jorge I highly recommend distancing oneself from him. I am a Catholic and will remain so, but in my own mind I’ve created a wall beyond which Jorge is not invited, not he nor any of his kind. Whatever those men are, I’m not, by dint of intention. I am Catholic, I recognize no Catholicism in Jorge or his cabal. Their words bounce off me like sparks from a sparkler, when you hold it in your hand. What have they to do with me. Nothing. I do not ever concern myself with worrying thoughts about it, oh dear, am I inside or outside of the church? Nothing like that ever haunts my mind. God knows my intention and I am at peace with that. I am using the spirit of discernment God gave me.
    Since you mentioned the three tenors, do take a look at the video of the great Pavarotti and the also great James Brown, their duet on “It’s a Man’s World”, which is a fantastic juxtaposition of musical genius in different genres, and just plain works. Bellisimo! I hope I spelled that correctly.

    • Almost! It’s Bellissimo!
      As to Frankie, I did the same as you. My whole being just wants to ignore the guy. I want to live and die in the truths of the Church, and hopefully die in the state of grace, irrespective of what the man and his bunch of deviants are planning for tomorrow.

  3. Given that “Frankie the Snake” has already received the first covid-vax shot and will be receiving the second (should he have survived the first given his age and health) in a week or two he is taking a very real “shot” (don’t pardon the pun) at a timely “death from vaccination.”

  4. I guess praying for the Sweet Meteor of Death to fall on the Vatican is out of the question, then. Well! The thought of 3 popes is interesting. It seems the Vatican was taken over by the Spirit of Advertising way back in the 60s. Relevance or such like. But if we now have CEOs in troika form, it would be like this: Ratzinger as the Father, Bergoglio as the Son, and Walther Kasper as the Friendly Ghost….sorry. Couldn’t resist.

  5. I pray for his conversion and departure in equal fashion. Whatever it is I wish he was gone. The latest rambling about Vat II being magisterium and traditionalist are outside of the Church if they disagree with elements of the council is just too much for me. What a divisive pope he is. So much for accompaniment and mercy. I just hope that the God of surprises, surprises us all and stops all of his nonsense. Maybe if he does die he might liked to buried with Pachamama under a tree. Sorry for that!

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