Good News: Some Bishops Are Still Catholic!

The link here makes, before you understand the context, for a very strange reading. It is, in fact, a critical take of a small number of bishops who have expressed themselves in favour of the criminalisation of acts of sodomy.

The Bishops comes from Dominica, Guyana and Nigeria.

It always makes such a strange impression when a magazine which calls itself Catholic wants to go against the perennial reaching of the Church. It is as if they believed that they are Anglicans, and that you must become an Anglican, too.

Newsflash: truth does not change. Not ever, but most certainly not when it becomes inconvenient and not in sync with an increasingly more depraved world.

A very limited number of Bishops appear to still know this very simple truth. All others seem to have forgotten it. It says a lot about the present state of the Church that a very small number of bishops from remote (to us) Countries make headlines for being Catholics, and for being so very isolated among their own colleagues.

How did St John Chrysostom put It? The road to hell is paved with the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lampposts that light the path?

Yeah, it seems to me the road will be very well lit.

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  1. catholictradition2

    The road to hell is wide snd many there are who find it. The way to Heaven is narrow and few there are that find it.

  2. R. Hunter Bidet

    Bishops don’t even need to be Catholic. They just need to have something called “virility” which is sorely lacking in the west.

  3. The bishop in our diocese (North Central Indiana) simply stays under the radar and plays both sides of the fence. Trying to offend nobody. What did Jesus have to say about the lukewarm and cowardly? Oh, I remember…….he spits them out of his mouth.

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