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Clown Removal

First of all, reality. We will not see the day when Francis is removed. Bishops and Cardinals will, very simply, not act. This is the situation on the ground and you better get to grips with it if you want to keep a connection with reality.

But let us say that God gives us the immense grace of growing thousands of clerical spines, all at the same time. What should the newly be-spined Cardinals and Bishops do?

It is a fantasy, and a not very intelligent one at that, to think that quibbling on the process of election would be of any effectiveness. Cardinals don’t denounce themselves. The precedent thus established would be extremely dangerous. Every Pope after Francis would have his legitimacy questioned.

It is shocking to me that, after eight years, there should still be this vain talk about the Conclave. Particularly so, when Francis has been a Pope with a stunning record of heretical (at least in the common parlance, which is more than enough) statements.

Procedural cavils are absurd and dangerous, they are like looking for squirrels when there is an elephant in the room. Plus, looking at the elephant does not require anyone to accuse anyone but Francis.

Therefore, the way – which, make no mistake, will not happen and is just a pious wish at this point – is a fraternal correction followed by an extraordinary council.

The fraternal correction will demand that Francis cans the whole of Amoris Laetitia, and will present him with a very long list of heretical statements to be recanted.

When this does not happen, a council will be called, and this council will examine the evidence and declare Francis a heretic, and therefore deposed.

Mind, this is no very difficult exercise in itself. The bishops can elect a committee organising everything in an instant. Donations to organise this expensive exercise would pour from all over the Catholic world. The logistics would be feasible even in times of flying restrictions. It’s not rocket science.

What is not there is the will; or rather, the spines; or rather, the balls. When it became clear the best we had was Burke, and Burke was just another Benedict with a big mouth and no vertebrae at all, it was clear that this would not happen.


This Pontificate will ravage the Church for as long as God allows it to. At the appointed time, it will end. What happens next, nobody knows, and the signs aren’t good. All this is, however, not in the least impacting our salvation.

Francis cannot send anybody to hell. He can merely accompany those who chose to go there.

Cling to the truth transmitted to us, which is more than enough. Do not be discouraged. Pray, hope, and do penance. Realise that Francis has not spoiled any prize. The prize is still there, its beauty undiminished. You don’t depend on Francis on absolutely anything. Hold your rosary in the hand, and reflect on how impotent Francis ultimately is.

This is one of the greatest beauties of the Church: that, other than a political party or a Protestant sect, no-one and nothing can touch Her truth.

Ignore the clown.

You don’t need him.

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