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The Evil Clown opened his filthy mouth once again; and, once again, what came out of it was the singular mixture of blasphemy, arrogance, stubborness and pleasure in angering Catholics that is so typical of this quite, quite remarkable individual.

When I read in St Paul that God became sin, I immediately understand that he means that God accepted to take on Himself, on His very own, literal Divine Body the punishment for our sins. I do this because the Bible is the Word of God, and can therefore never be interpreted out of context or out of the inner coherence that is its inevitable corollary. But then again I also know that St Paul could never had told me that, perhaps, the Blessed Virgin felt betrayed at the foot of the Cross. I know that he never tried to Pachamama me. I know that he never berated and insulted me as a Catholic. I know that he never tried to undermine the Sacraments, & Co., & Co.

Francis did all this, and so much more. Therefore, the interpretation of his words must not follow from an attempt to bend ourselves into a pretzel in order to find some orthodoxy in his words. On the contrary, the man must be interpreted in light of what he has been publicly saying for now almost eight years.

I think that not God, but Francis is contaminated. I think that he is deeply, deeply toxic to Catholicism. I think that he is so stubbornly vain that he enjoys angering us, just because he can, and that his thinking is so perverted, so secular, so informed by hatred for the Church which has been giving him his bread for many decades, that he just can’t avoid his vulgar brand of godlesness to show.

Watching Francis talk of spiritual things is like watching John Belushi in the restaurant scene of The Blues Brothers. But at least Jake Blues had a good mission to accomplish. Francis is on a mission from Satan; and, as he is likely every bit as atheist as Karl Marx, he might not even realise it.

Get lost, Evil Clown. Contaminate yourself as much as you like.

We know contamination when we see it.

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