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The Cult Of The Mask And You

Lent is here again. This year, though, it’s a markedly different one.

This is, to me, another occasion to develop what I have expressed in several blog posts already: Catholic patrimony is yours, and it is yours forever. Nasty as they are, no Francis and no Biden, no Johnson, no bishop or cardinal preaching the new Cult of the Mask and Creed of the Lockdown can change the way you live your Catholicism.

They can, of course, change the way you practice it, and today is a perfect example. But what they cannot do, without your consent, is to eradicate it from your heart and mind.

This year will be a strange Easter. If both the elected and the electors, not to speak of the pastors, keep being so unspeakably ****dumb****, this might not even be the last one.

So what I will do is this: I will be trying to be more Catholics in what I can do, to compensate for the things I can’t do.

More prayer. More penance. Some contemplation. Some meditation. Perhaps look at a Breviary online, or buy one. Perhaps read more about lives of the Saints, o re-read stuff I have on my shelves.

Let us react to those who want to marginalise our religion in the public sphere by making it stronger in our hearts.

But let it not be said that this will be the merit of all those cowardly prelates for whom worldly concerns and virtue signalling come before Christ. Any increase in Caholic spirit can only be a providential, but unintended consequence of the outright madness we see all around us.

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