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Dangerous Times

Do I remember correctly, that when the news of the Chinese Virus first came out, no-one was thinking of lockdowns? Do I remember correctly, that when the first news of the Chinese lockdown came out, this felt like something a Communist regime would do? Do I remember correctly, that when the first European lockdowns came, they were supposed to be an absolutely exceptional, one-off event?

How come, then, that eleven months later we are all still held hostages, and told what we can and cannot do, as if we were all children of six?

I think of this and the only answer I can find is: because, collectively speaking, we are children of six! Our politicians treat us as such, because they see the huge call for us to be treated this way. Power being, by its nature, expanding, it is no surprise that it would immediately occupy every inch of space left to it. Imagine a controlling mother told by his teenage child that he wants to be controlled by her in every aspect of his life. Then multiply by ten. This is the gravity of the issue we are facing.

At this point, the damage may well go far beyond this virus hype, and impact all our lives in a very direct way. Politicians all over the West have seen what kind of obedient sheep they are dealing with.

What prevents mass closures of activities to “save the planet” from so-called man made global warming? Banning of cars on (initially) certain days? Forced expropriation of (initially) the wage of two working days to “fight racism”? Where does the nannying end, if the crybabies call for Nanny all the time ?

Nor should you think that this will not impact us directly. If a Government were to permanently ban communion on the tongue with some germ excuse, do you think our bishops would say anything? More likely, they would encourage us to obey and call us unchristian if we don’t want to.

We are witnessing a massive, tragic deterioration of the lived experience and the feeling of freedom, including religious freedom, and democracy. This will leave  permanent damage that will be very difficult to remove as it makes our societies easy prey of prophets of gloom with a hidden, likely Marxist, likely godless, most likely controlling and authoritarian agenda.

Like the people of South Vietnam, we are at risk of losing our freedoms,  including the religious one, because – collectively speaking, of course – we have stopped caring enough for it.

Beware of every ingerence of Big Government into our life.

Your freedoms, including your religious one, is more endangered than you think.

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