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The Twitter Games, Or: The Four Kinds Of “Celebrity” Wokes

Do you want to know why so many media “celebrities” (of various degrees of celebrity) are so bent on putting on display their woke credentials?

Let me count the ways.

Firstly, there are the consolidated media personalities looking for easy publicity. Actors and singers, but particularly actors, need to stay in the news, to have their name talked about, and they know that most publicity is good publicity. if you are a leftist. Therefore, an incendiary tweet here and there makes economic sense. Their agents will officially try to dissuade them from “tweeting while drunk”, but they will both know that drunk-virtue-signalling is all the rage now. If you are one of those actors who, whilst well-known now, are at constant risk of being, if not forgotten, sent down the slippery slope of “once famous actor”, a bit of woke rage makes sense. Particularly as, being pretty well-known now, they can leverage the outrage for their own benefit. Ron Perlman, Edward Norton, or Alec Baldwin do not seem to have suffered any professional damage from their woke antics.

Secondly, there are the emerging starlets. They are famous now. In 12 or 18 months, who knows. They need to consolidate their name, to become household figures. Let us start some activism outrage. It will certainly not do any damage. Emily Ratajkowski is a point (actually, cough, two) in case.

Thirdly, there are the declining “celebrities”. Things are going down fast. They need to reinvent themselves. I know of a very mediocre quarterback (for NFL standards, of course), who was staring at the end of his NFL career in the face. Hey presto, let us start the outrage engine! The guy had a wonderful success. Afro instead of America, this is his recipe. Works for him, for sure.

But then there is a fourth category, which could be the worst of them all. It is the category of the very rich who are embarrassed of their vast wealth, but certainly don’t want to give it away. At that point, activism is the only way how they can validate their vapid, empty selves. This is not a money issue anymore. It’s not a career issue, either. It’s merely the desire to feed a huge ego and try to fill an empty life at the same time. Beats overdose or suicide, I suppose.

Look at this one, for example. After hoovering all that could be hoovered around her, and reaching a huge success without any talent for singing, or acting, or even thinking, this slut with the blasphemous name, who made a career out of being, well, the worldwide village slut, needs to validate her poor self in any way she can; particularly after her pathetic attempt to still look attractive at 60 – carried out, unsurprisingly, showing her naked backside to the laughter of the nation – did not prove the ego boost she was counting on. I’d post the picture, but my readers deserve better.

You put these four typologies together and you understand why woke-ism is so much en vogue in and around the entertainment industry. If you are a leftist, it is difficult that any big downside hits you. Those who managed to do it (Jennifer Lawrence comes to mind) have gone so far out, that even John Lennon would have suffered a lot. But then again Lawrence doesn’t seem to be a genius, so there…

Whenever you read about the next entertainment fool making a clown of himself, and getting publicity in return, feel free to have your fun in putting the guy, or gal, in one of the four categories.

This way, you’ll be able to say that they were good for something.




Too Little, Too Late, And Too Stupid

five chairmen of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference condemned the Equality Act, saying it would “impose sweeping new norms that negatively impact the unborn, health care, charitable services, schools, personal privacy, athletics, free speech, religious liberties, and parental rights.”

“The Act’s unsound definitions of ‘sex’ and ’gender identity’ would erase women’s distinct, hard-won recognition in federal laws,” the bishops said.

Look, the US Bishops are meowing again!

First of all, note the language: in the modern world, nothing is, anymore, wrong because it offends God. The average XXI Century US Bishop is worried about stuff like health care, personal privacy, or athletics first, second and third. Things are bad, always, for reasons an atheist could share. The religious thinking has completely gone out of the public parlance of the hierarchy. Look, Bishops: no one needs you to worry about athletics. Let others examine athletics. You should be worried about Salvation.

Similarly, the Act’s absurd, deranged, absolutely perverted definitions of “sex” and “gender identity” are defined – wait for this – “unsound”, possibly the new PC word used in order to avoid the already PC “gravely disordered”.

Unsound. Perversion and abomination on a scale unthinkable to our forefathers are now unsound, say our Bishops. What a bunch of sissies.

But this is not even the worst. The worst is that these idiots have, in their great majority, done all they could to support Joe Biden and his perverted agenda. That they now even dare to (pretend to) complain shows not only their infinite hypocrisy, but the contempt in which they hold us, the Catholics, who know better than siding with the Devil for some sort of fake “social” reasons. This is every bit as hypocritical as those Republican politicians now clamouring they want to look into the 2020 elections.

Mind, I despise Joe and the Hoe. I loathe all these deranged, perverted, or prostituted politicians. But the ones I loathe the most are the ones who are supposed to be on our side.

Spare us your outrage, Bishops. You are accomplices and enablers of all this. This is all on you.

And you will, one day, seriously repent or pay the very, very serious price of your insolence.

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