Too Little, Too Late, And Too Stupid

five chairmen of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference condemned the Equality Act, saying it would “impose sweeping new norms that negatively impact the unborn, health care, charitable services, schools, personal privacy, athletics, free speech, religious liberties, and parental rights.”

“The Act’s unsound definitions of ‘sex’ and ’gender identity’ would erase women’s distinct, hard-won recognition in federal laws,” the bishops said.

Look, the US Bishops are meowing again!

First of all, note the language: in the modern world, nothing is, anymore, wrong because it offends God. The average XXI Century US Bishop is worried about stuff like health care, personal privacy, or athletics first, second and third. Things are bad, always, for reasons an atheist could share. The religious thinking has completely gone out of the public parlance of the hierarchy. Look, Bishops: no one needs you to worry about athletics. Let others examine athletics. You should be worried about Salvation.

Similarly, the Act’s absurd, deranged, absolutely perverted definitions of “sex” and “gender identity” are defined – wait for this – “unsound”, possibly the new PC word used in order to avoid the already PC “gravely disordered”.

Unsound. Perversion and abomination on a scale unthinkable to our forefathers are now unsound, say our Bishops. What a bunch of sissies.

But this is not even the worst. The worst is that these idiots have, in their great majority, done all they could to support Joe Biden and his perverted agenda. That they now even dare to (pretend to) complain shows not only their infinite hypocrisy, but the contempt in which they hold us, the Catholics, who know better than siding with the Devil for some sort of fake “social” reasons. This is every bit as hypocritical as those Republican politicians now clamouring they want to look into the 2020 elections.

Mind, I despise Joe and the Hoe. I loathe all these deranged, perverted, or prostituted politicians. But the ones I loathe the most are the ones who are supposed to be on our side.

Spare us your outrage, Bishops. You are accomplices and enablers of all this. This is all on you.

And you will, one day, seriously repent or pay the very, very serious price of your insolence.

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  1. The natural and logical end result is that everyone and everything is equal to everyone and everything else. Every job is equal to every other job, the president of the USA is equal to the busboy in the restaurant and in consequence every job should pay exactly the same. Divide the nation’s GDP by ~330,000,000 and everyone gets an equal portion. No job pays more, no job pays less. No job? Pays the same.
    The wino sleeping in the street gets paid the same as Tom Brady and jojothemonkeyboy’s millions in corruption get distributed across the population equitably.
    Sounds like a great idea to me….

  2. …and…as an afterthought… the bishops (more akin to “Joey” than Aquinas) behave just like the secular republican’ts, aiding and abetting evil when powerless and doing nothing to abate evil when empowered.
    example: Our parish is totally closed, no masses, no confessions, no candles no prayers… ashes handed out in little baggies to drive-bys between 10am & 11:30 and 4:30 & 6:00 on “Wednesday” to put on yourself when you get home.

  3. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    So sad, but no surprise. I immediately thought of St. John Fisher the lone English bishop to stand up and be martyred for not bending the knee to Henry VIII. Our bishops are always late and a dollar short. And speaking of dollars, they often seem to have replaced worship of Almighty God with worship of the almighty dollar. I wonder what the taxpayers paid the bishop to protect them from the effects of the Wuhan virus. And then there is the money rolling in over the border invasion in the south. With friends like our bishops who needs enemies. Joan of Arc, please pray for us.

  4. Jesus’ saved his harshest correction and condemnation for the Pharisees. It therefore stands to reason such is the case today regarding our bishops….and then some. These guys better take cover. It ain’t going to be pretty. They had better repent and fast.
    Millstonee time is coming.

  5. Note they also cannot bring themselves to condemn pervert-ism, which is ALSO ‘protected’ by this foul Act.

    Why is that?….

    You don’t really have to ask, do you?

  6. Well said.

  7. I would pay money to have this printed in every news outlet and sent to every diocese.
    The fact that they have abandoned religious language AND worse, the reality behind the religious language. They betray their lack of faith in Jesus Christ. These men don’t believe. And not believing, they have let go even of pretense. I honestly don’t know what we’re trying to hang on to anymore. The Church is a massive NGO now. Or maybe because the church takes millions through Resettlement Funds it is actually a governmental organization. It sure sounds and acts like one, in unison with the current poser government.

    • Thanks Kate!
      First they abandoned the mentality. Then, their pewsitter seemed not to notice, or pretended not to. before you know, trannies are bad because of athletics..

  8. If Kate’s comment is serious, I would be happy to help pay for this to be sent to every news outlet. It could be sent to each diocese, although it will likely be tossed. I would love to do something like this. Let me know if you are serious. I’ll jump in. (I’m not doubting your sincerity. I am saying that I will seriously be happy to be a part of this sort of project.)

    • I am, actually, moved. Still, no outlet would publish this. If you want to have the fun, you can certainly send an email to your, or another, Diocese, though..,

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