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The Way Of The World

Make no mistake: any “decision” of the Supreme Court after the steal could only have been either an exercise in acquiescence (if deciding for Biden, which they would have done) or one in absurdity (if deciding for Trump).

At this point, the cowards who have robbed the American people of fair elections, and created an extremely dangerous precedent for all other Western Countries, have made the only choice their corruption and cowardice left open to them; they have, very predictably, decided to just cover their excrement and hope that the Country forgets soon; which, frankly, I do not think it will do.

At least two, and perhaps three, Justices I would like to exempt from this condemnation: Thomas und Alito. Gorsuch appeared to have some spine yesterday, but I don’t remember having him on our side when it counted. All the others, including Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett, are little cowards with no excuses.

This event, and the events starting in November, also tell us something going beyond the vote: the combination of a bullying, ideologically and socially perverted administration and a cowardly Supreme Court is an extremely explosive one.

Brace yourself for these “originalists” (when it was convenient to them) to decide that the Constitution originally meant to give trannies every conceivable fake right under the sun. When you have already lost face, like Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett did, what is one, or twenty, more acts of acquiescence to their demented master in Washington? Nor will the lesbian, the fat liberal, or the alleged Lolita Express guy decide that now it’s the time to start behaving properly.

Despicable people, all of them, but Kavanaugh and Coney Barrett in a very special way. I would be ashamed to be their child. Make no mistake, their children will have privileges and opportunities no-one of my readers ever dreamt of.

Such is, I am afraid, the way of the world. It pleased God, this time, to have the wicked triumph.

It will not always be this way in this world, and it will most certainly not be this way in the next.

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