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Meet Pachamama Francis, The Vaccine Apostle.

Pope Evil Clown is travelling to Iraq, and – in another show of secular zeal and attachment to every wrong cause under the earth – he has demanded that every person who accompanies him on the travel – mostly journalists, I suppose, with the odd cameraman here and there – be vaccinated against the Chinese Virus. It’s not a polite suggestion. It’s no jab, no jet.

I suppose that the narrative will be that Pachamama Frankie is so, so worried about the health of the participants to his trips, that he wants to make sure he can stomp on every moral or ethical reservation they might have.

I wonder what other requirements concerning the health of the same persons Francis has. If he is, as a oh so good and caring Pope, worried about the physical health of those travelling with him, what about the spiritual one? Why would such a pious, zealous man not impose that all participants in his flight be Catholics, that they go (and are allowed to go in the first place) to confession and communion before the travel and, of course, that on no account they live in sin with their concubine when they board the plane? It seems to me that, of all people, a Pope should be preoccupied about the spiritual health of those around him a lot, before he even begins to waste a thought about their vaccination?

Or is it so, that Francis absolutely does not give a Biden about your eternal salvation, but if you dare not to comply with his vaxx propaganda he will leave you stranded at Fiumicino airport?

It seems to me that this guy does not waste any occasion to show us how worldly his thinking is, what a Christ-free space his mind is. I think he actually enjoys it, as it allows him to show two fingers to the Catholics he so much hates (all the true ones) whilst he tries to look good with the New York Times, Cosmopolitan, or Aleteia readers.

It would have been enough if he had just reminded everybody that frequent, or at least regular, confession is an excellent vaccine against an incurable, once contracted, disease called “damnation”. It wasn’t to be. Instead, we have just another worldly crusade.

The man clearly just does not believe in damnation.

He believes in vaccines, though, big time.

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