Cuomo Has To Go, But Will He?

The situation of Andrew Cuomo becomes more and more untenable.

First, the huge scandal of the Chinese Virus-ill people sent to nursing homes to infect the others and causing thousands of unnecessary deaths. Then, the confirmation that Cuomo had had the number of deaths “massaged” in order not to look (too) bad, and at this point we were already firmly in Watergate territory. At that point, an extremely aggressive and bullying attitude came to light: phone calls threatening people’s careers in the early hours of the morning, or intimations to immediately retract a statement, or else.

Now, a fourth bomb has exploded under Cuomo’s chair: the accusation of ****** sexual harassment ******.

Democrats ******* believe all women *******, so Cuomo is now toast. Better said, it would be if the Democrats practised one tenth of the stupid things they preach.

They did not want Kavanaugh (who proved a coward and a traitor, but this is another matter) to be appointed because of nebulous accusations that perhaps, in an unknown year, in an unknown location, decades earlier, he may have done something inappropriate. This time, we have one of his staffers (100% MAGA-free liberals, all of them, for sure) accusing him of trying to force himself on her and forcibly kiss her.

Predator!!! Toxic male!!!

The ******survivor******* has now (finally) blown the whistle on him and denounced the ****** sexual harassment ******.

If the legacy media had any integrity, they would have been covering this extensively for weeks now. I don’t see anything of the sort. Most of all, I miss the outrage that leftist media like CNN and MSNBC would have shown if Cuomo had been a Republican.

Cuomo has to go. But he is fighting, at least for now, with the legacy media helping him any way they can.

Democrats really have it too easy.

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  1. The Democrats commit the crimes that they accuse others of and when they are caught, they lie cheat and steal, just like they always do, in order to cover it up. “Move on, there’s nothing to see here,” they say. They don’t see these actions as actual crimes when they commit them but only for those whom they target.

  2. Cuoma is merely setting up his resume and polishing his creds to be chosen as the v.p. when camela-harass steps into the vacated presidential role later in the year. They already have the knives out for jojothemonkeyboy, harass is taking on aspects of his “role” in this petty political play and will be taking on more and more.
    The demoKKKrats don’t believe ALL women. Just those that accuse conservatives and others they wish to destroy. Never their chosen leaders.
    Now we don’t know what mechanations andy-the-cuoma may have been doing behind his curtains that might have gotten him in trouble but the reality- the nursing home scandal, threats, immorality, etc- are only high points in a true leftwinger’s resume and certainly not disqualifying… unless he has done something truly awful such as gone up against bill&hill, for example (in which case he may soon die under mysterious circumstances).
    We are not being told the real reasons the knives appear to be out in this case. 0bamama got a nobel, cuoma got an emmy… could that have been enough?

  3. They do, because the opposition has no gonads.

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