Virtue Signalling Has Consequences

In the last years it has been very, very fashionable to signal virtue and to do things that would have been considered extremely stupid, or actually unthinkable, by the generations before us. You all have examples in mind of the one or other aspect of this worrying disease that has clearly infected the sated, pampered, increasingly childish First World.

Today, I would like to point out one particular aspect of this virtue signalling: the idea that your own Country can be used as the recipient of a vast number of people coming from a foreign environment.

I am, myself, an immigrant. As an immigrant, I can vouch for a simple truth: immigration only works if it is made a) in moderate numbers, b) in the presence of a homogeneous cultural environment, and c) with the immigrants obviously seen as contributing to the Country in which the natives allow them to settle.

The first point is – or better, has been until the Age of Fake Virtue – rather self-evident: every massive influx of new people will cause the natives to feel threatened. It is irrelevant how useful the new people are to the economy. Massive influx will cause massive issues. The second element is to do with another obvious consideration: the newly imported populace must be able to share the same values, the same Weltanschauung of the locals. Without this, there will never be lasting cooperation and acceptance. The third is also self-evident: unless the natives can clearly see the advantages of having immigrants, the latter will be seen as a foreign body and, ultimately, a threat.

When prosperity becomes too high, and no wars have been fought for many generations to protect those freedoms and privileges and comforts people take for granted, all this can be forgotten; because, unavoidably, good times create weak men.

I present to you, today, a case of mass immigration whereby all three elements I have mentioned above have been non only disregarded, but wilfully contradicted; as if it were egotist, or even racist, to point out to their obvious usefulness. This Country is, as you might have already guessed, Sweden.

A Country where cuckoldry was already a badge of honour of sort, Sweden has applied its cuckoldry to the Country at large. The result is what you can read here.

The Swedes got it so wrong not because they have forgotten what their ancestors thought about the issue of immigration. They got it wrong because they thought that they were smarter, and more compassionate, and more evolved, and generally happier in their cuckolded existence, than their ancestors. If you allow me the comparison, if one or two generations are very fine with someone screwing their wife, a generation will come that is fine with strange people screwing their Country. It is the unavoidable regression of the weak males from beta males to gamma males and from there to, ultimately, omega males that did this. Their eunuch attitude delivered the country to the vain emoting of their women, and their inborn cuckoldry made them happy to be drowning in the sea of estrogen they liberated.

Why did this happen, you may ask? It happened for the same reason pretty much everything evil happens: the rejection of God’s rules.

Reject the patriarchy as the fundamental basis of society and you will have weak, emasculated, cuckolded males instead of men. Ask these weak men to react to a societal challenge (say: the estrogen-laden call for indiscriminate immigration, because “solidarity”) and you will see that they are not only inadequate for the task, but they decry it as evil and antiquate. Allow this degeneracy of Christian values to fester, and you will find that the massive importation of a way of life that is in brutal contrast to Christian values is not seen as problematic, at all.

The end result? The weak suffer first. The increase in rapes is merely the first signal of changes that are going to be much bigger, and of challenges that are going to become likely existential in the next decades.

Is Sweden doomed? I hope, and think, not. Make no mistake, they will now have to eat all the excrement they have dished on their own table, and this will go on for a while and, potentially, cause a very bloody conflict. Still, nature will, very likely, take its course before it’s too late. Most likely, hard times will create strong men, and the strong men will take care of the problem the way strong men always do, to wit: doing what is required without giving a fig for the lamentations of the weak.

This is, however, for the future, very possibly a future that is many years to come. For the moment, all those gamma boys and sensitive girls will have to live with all the rapes their weakness, and their love for effeminate virtue signalling, have caused.

God’s rules are not only good in themselves. They are eminently practical. Forget them, or think you can do better than them, and you will be presented with a very expensive check before two or three generations have passed.

This is your check, Sweden. You ordered the meal, now you’ll have to shut up and pay the price of your foolishness.



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  1. Effeminacy, feminism and sexual “liberation” are destroying the West and it all goes back to man rejecting God and His Law.

  2. ‘Very little, however, is known about the association between rape & different contextual factors among immigrants in Sweden.’ say the authors of the study. Just give them a little more time for, say, their grandmothers, moms, sisters, brothers, children, aunties, their favorite pets, etc, to be raped. They’ll have all of the contextual factors they need, one would hope.

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