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Meet Pope Very Possibly Pervert

Being a pervert is perversion, Frankie….

I really shouldn’t be doing this at my age. To wake up in the morning and discover that the Evil Clown is now on record with saying that “Clericalism is a perversion” really ruins my breakfast and disrupts my digestive function.

The issues are, indeed, very grave. Homosexuality IS a perversion, whilst Clericalism is simply a matter of bad behaviour in different gradations.

Once again, we see the usual cheap trick of this mentally challenged old, lewd man: the usual variation of “this is that”, made to downplay an issue and direct the attention away from it.

Now, let us look at reality in the face here: who would, and he a Pope, try to downplay and normalise perversion, unless he is not a pervert himself?

With all his stunts and alleged shows of wit, this disgusting old man is showing more and more, every day, what his inclinations are.

Pervert is who pervert does, Frankie.

The only people you are fooling are the ones who are fools, or more than fools, like you.

Death Grips

I am a Catholic. I believe all that the Church believes, and I profess all that the Church professes.

It is not even about me trying to find a way, or some mental artifice , through which I can persuade myself that Church teaching can be reconciled with what I believe. If the Church believes it, I do. If she doesn’t, I don’t. There is no need for any compromise, adjustment, or reconciliation.

I know that there can never be a true conflict between the Depositum Fidei and my conscience or ethical values. If this is the case, it is a sure indication that I need to conform my values to the ones of the Church, because what the Church has always and consistently taught is true, and I am the one who needs to get in line with said truth.

Therefore, it can not be said that the Church has a death grip on my mind, much less that I need to wrestle free of it. To state something as impious as this means to, ipso facto, state the allegiance to a truth and a system of values not in line with those of the Church and, therefore, of Christ.

Or put it in this way: my mind and my thinking have merit only inasmuch as they conform to the teaching of the Church. Outside of that, they harbour rebellion. Therefore, I can only hope, and I sincerely wish to everyone, that the Church will keep a solid grip on my mind until, and including, the moment of my death.

The devil is always at work, you know. He wants us to persuade ourselves that we need to wrestle our minds free from the Church’s “death grip”; that we are better; that the Church oppresses us, or humanity at large.

O Lord, please allow me to die – even if it is now – without such thoughts even crossing my mind.

I wish to live, and die, in your loving grip, which the Church so beautifully expresses.

Let’s Be Strong About Facts

Repeat with me:

You may think that the antics at the Vatican are the greatest danger of our time. For many people, it will certainly be so, at least for now.

However, for many others, particularly in Anglo-Saxon Countries, the greatest danger isn’t what a pope who may, or may not, be a pervert tries to do against Christianity. It is what countless teachers and professors are doing every day to obliterate Christianity from their own Country and from the public discourse in general.

Look no further than here. In the Country of the First Amendment, a university tried to force own of its own professor to kowtow to the mantras of gender madness, or risk losing his job. Dr Meriwether was protected, for now. How long this goes on is, at least in Anglo-Saxon Countries, anyone’s guess.

I said countless times and repeat it here again: we can’t win this by being nice, or “sensitive”.

When I see that even right-wing publications like Breitbart use wrong words, like “gay”, or refer to trannies according to their imaginary sex, I know that this is going to be a very difficult battle. We need to say things out loud, and to demand that others who share our values do the same.

Actually, I remember reading an article from a right-wing publication (can’t remember if it was “Breitbart”) about that trannie from Pennsylvania that Biden got into his administration, without even being informed that that monstrous woman looking like a trannie was, in fact, exactly that! So, let that sink in: even a right-wing publication had some editor considering it not prudent to actually put on ink that the man in question was a man posing as a woman!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we keep fighting a rearward battle.

Whenever you read an article from a “conservative” outlet giving in to some mantra of gender theory or PC, please use the comment box to correct it immediately.

You will be read by hundreds.

It does have an effect.

The Baetzing Guy And You

In hoc signo vinces…

Mr Pentin has a detailed article about the way the German Bishops are defying Church doctrine and try to make their own protestant “mini me” church of Heresy at home, whilst pretending that they are still Catholic.

The issues are many and all of them known. What, however, struck me most in the article is the revealing statement of Bishop Baetzing (the leader of the heretical movement). The statement is framed as follows:

Bishop Bätzing said he was “convinced” we are living in a “time window in which we can really change something,” and that “we have to use it.” 

It seems clear enough to me. The Bishop is saying that as long as Francis is in power, they can and should push as hard as they can. If the man kicks the bucket (which, at his age, can be any day), you don’t know what happens next.

It seems, to me clear enough what is happening: Francis is culpable of either direct or indirect complicity with these heretics, by either sending signals to them that they should push their agenda forward and nothing will happen to them, or by refusing to do anything after the Germans have decided to give it a try and push anyway.

This is another example of how Francis acts against the Church. It is not only what he does, it is what he refuses to do.

Some observer might even comment that Francis did not feel strong enough to contrast Ladaria on the CDF answer to the “dubium” (he is evil and of mediocre intelligence, but not entirely dumb: he knows that he is still on time to die humiliated and deposed, in a Jesuit cell, forgotten or despised by everyone, and not one journalist in sight! He will, therefore, avoid going into waters that he deems to hot for his liking). Therefore, what he does now is to take every occasion and every pretext to oppose the people he hates (that is, my dear readers, all of you).

I suggest that my readers are not discouraged by what they read daily on the Catholic “press”. It behooves every one of us to take a bird’s eye approach and evaluate the events of these years from a broader perspective. Twenty of forty years of such a mess will likely be forgotten when, in 800 years, the Church is still going strong and all his opponent of today have long become dust.

This Baetzing guy will be totally forgotten in I don’t say 800, but possibly 8 years. Francis will be remembered, if he does, as one of those “bad Popes” people actually know nothing about besides the fact that they were bad. What, I think, will be remember is that, in the XX and XXI century, there was a people of great turmoil and of great corruption, like the Church had never been before, and from which the Church recovered, as always, in the Lord’s good time. Same as we, today, only vaguely care to know the details about the big mess in the X and XI Century. Even the Western Schism is, today, but a note in Church History.

This will, I think, help to put the Baetzing guy, and all those like him, in the proper perspective.

Pope Francis, The Pervert And The Closet

The Evil Clown has appointed an openly homosexual man to the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

Read that again, slowly, and please recite the Prayer to St Michael the Archangel.

The evil of this is a double whammy: the only he appoints an openly pervert man to an official position, he does so with an office that involves minors. And no, having been abused as a child is no excuse for homosexuality; not ever, most certainly not when the guy in question defends his perversion.

I have the adrenaline pumping so high right now that I will have to keep this post short. But one question I would like to pose: how long before Francis comes out as a homo himself? And will he give a blessing to himself after it?

You may say that this is the appeaser reaction to the CDF’s decision concerning these people. It might be true and a tribute to PC might be all (atrociously much anyway) that there is to it. Still, we all know how much these deviant people are attached to their own depravity. Could, therefore, not be that Francis had a homo-induced emotional reaction himself? Is that so remote a possibility? What would a homosexual pope do differently than what this man is doing?

Francis can’t die a day too soon, and that day will be a day of thanksgiving and, as much as readonably possible, hope.

The Widow, The Orphans, And The Murderer

A man goes on a mad rampage in Boulder, Colorado, and kills ten people. One of them, a policeman who died trying to protect the public. A Catholic, and father of seven. This is seven orphans and a widow now, in addition to all the other suffering the man has inflicted.

The Catholic father of seven, and all the other victims, have died. The mass murderer will live a long life, surrounded by the care of social workers, keeping the right to see people, likely to “see” women (mass murderers never have scarcity of women wanting to sleep with them; don’t ask…) , and rant at pleasure against racism or inequality if he wants to.

This man should be hanged. 

When you have freed yourself from all the debris that political correctness and institutional do-goodism have deposited in your brain, you will see that capital punishment makes deep sense, that it is just right; you will, instinctively, see it as the natural, obvious, common sense punishment for murder.

Then you will remember that this is, in fact, what the Church has always believed,  and what she has practised at all times as long as the times were, well, Chrstian.

God will, in His own time, establish perfect Justice. But this does not mean that we should not call for justice on this earth. The hurt for what has happened in Boulder is exacerbated,  in all right-thinking minds, by the institutional, built-in injustice created by the rampant do-goodism of these godless times.

Pray for the father, for the widow and for the orphans, and, in your charity, help them I  you can.

But also pray for a world where real Christian principles, and not their sugary deformations propagated by the enemies o Christ, are followed and lived.

Decency Vs Democrats

I do not think that the shooting in Boulder will have any real effect on American freedoms. However, I think that there was one man very happy to hear the news: Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo’s play was clear enough: resist on his chair until the news cycle directs the attention of the many Libtards of the Country towards another topic triggering them, then keep a low profile until said Libtards get tired of virtue signalling with him.

It has worked up to now, and it may well work as a whole. Democrats are, intrinsically, hypocrites wanting to be seen as good by other hypocrites. They don’t care for decency, coherency, or common sense.

Everything can still change, of course. But, realistically, Cuomo has weathered the worst of the storm, and it seems difficult to see what kind of event will sink a ship that has resisted up to now.

The moral of the story for decent Americans: if you are a powerful Democrat you can cause the death of thousand innocent old people, lie about it, conceal and manipulate the evidence that you have lied, threaten those who want to expose your lie, and engage in behaviour towards women that would cause the liberal to demand the crucifixion of every conservative politician, and get away with it.

Democrats are a party now exclusively based on power with every means, including massive election fraud and open lies. They do not even care anymore that they are seen by everybody as the whitened sepulchres they are. They will bark louder about equity and happily keep abusing their fraudulently obtained power.

Remember Cuomo, dear readers, and use him to promote decency everytime you can.

Back To Basics

A truly excellent blog post from Father Z moves me to some reflections I would like to share with you.

The theme of the post seems, on the whole, very clear to me: effeminate priests go after the TLM private masses in St Peter because .. they don’t like the manliness of it all.

One part stands out:

At times I teasingly refer to the FFLF, the “Female Fun Limitation Factor” which I picked up from a radio host of my native place. The FFLF is defined as that effect produced on one or more males having fun together – maybe being noisy or doing something a little risky – when a female, of any age, asks in that special tone of voice, “Do you really think you should be doing that?”, and in all its variations including The Look and other non-verbal signals.  The FFLF suppresses.

Well I had to stop and think here.

I have lived in three Countries.

In Italy, at that time, there was no FFLF that could be seen in public. Any female effort at “FLF” would have had to be worked out, more or less patiently, in the kitchen. God forbid, a man is seen by his friends as being remote-controlled by his wife! Mind: I am sure that such female efforts were underway, here and there, all the time. But I am also sure that they were difficult endeavours, destined to failure with all but the weakest of husbands. As to The Look in public, that was, how should I put it, beyond the realm of the thinkable.

Years later, I moved to Germany. Germany was, for an American, surprisingly “traditional” in its outlook. You would, in fact, be surprised at the sheer number of Germans who work in the big city but live in a small village, with all the consequences this brings. It wasn’t Italy, though, and I could clearly see that men were far less masculine, and women could, oftentimes, be more assertive than it’s good for them. It was in this Country that I heard, with horror, what to this day remains, to me, pure abomination: a young father telling me how proud he was that he could be a stay-at-home father so that his wife could pursue her career; this way, centuries of Patriarchate could be, what… what exactly?… Shown as the proper way of living?

Still, a lot (not all) of German women knew better than to give an open show of FLF; because the village is small, you know, and your man shouldn’t look like a beta boy in public.

Then I moved to the UK, and here I saw that things were even worse than in already emasculated Germany. Atrocious expressions like SWMBO (“she who must be obeyed”; the cringeworthy, embarrassed admission of one’s own lack of trousers), or “happy wife, happy life” (ditto) were exchanged among grown men as if they were something smart to say. In this Country, the FFLF factor is absolutely massive and all-pervasive. As I write this, millions of grown, adult men – who often are the only earning spouse – discuss with absolute nonchalance, with their male friends and colleagues, the necessity to get their wife’s permission to buy this or that toy for themselves; the fact that they a) make the money, and b) have already decided that this is something that can be done, is clearly set at nought. Here, men publicly advertise their position as beta boys and working bees of the queen bee at home.

I can’t put in words how I despise them; and I seldom lack words.

So, coming back to Father Z’s beautiful phrase, I could not but avoid thinking this: that if the cultural environment in which we live came back to put an end to the FFLF in everyday life, and outside of a church setting, those little bitches in the Vatican would have a much more difficult life, too.

One can dream, eh?

For now, I would be happy enough if every one of my male readers would make an inner resolution to:

1) for the rest of his life, never again say SWMBO, “happy wife, happy life” or such like embarrassing, cringeworthy turns of phrase. Not even as a joke.

2) for the same duration, never accept any show of FLF, much less The Look, from both their wives and the wives of their friends. (Trust me: “Do you really think you should be doing that, Mundabor?” said no woman, ever…).

I suggest, instead of the usages of soy-plagued XXI Century America, the use of perfectly valid, life-affirming expressions like “me Tarzan, you Jane”, “happy husband, happy life”, and the immortal “go back to the kitchen, darling”.

We have trouble in bigger things, because we have forgotten the basics.

Citizens’ Lives Matter, UK Style

Yesterday was a good day for Britain.

You will ask: “How so, Mundabor, if there was a big riot in Bristol?” Well, it was a good day for two reasons:

  1. Why the riots happened, and
  2. How the Country reacted to them

The riots happened because of a new piece of legislation increasing the powers of the police in certain circumstances and generally limiting the ability of subversives to disrupt the lives of decent citizen. Make no mistake, this is the result of the mess caused by Extinction rebellion and BLM, whose UK ripples also saw statues toppled and other Marxist shenanigans this side of the Pond. The new legislation makes it more difficult, and punishes with jail sentences up to ten years, “wild cat” stunts of unemployed idiots and even more stupid university students who, say, block underground trains, or the like. Again, this cuts the legs of extremist Marxist organisations like Extinction Rebellion, Antifa, and BLM. You will now have to mobilise a very, very hard core criminal to make him risk 10 years in jail for a virtue-signalling stunt.

Rather predictably, therefore, the protest ended up in riots, as Marxists are very apt at having the violent taking over this kind of exercise, and hoped to start another “spring of love” here in the UK, Seattle-style. Apparently, the mess happened live on TV. Apparently, the police had a poor show (as you expect from very possibly the most emasculated, PC police force in Europe; and so badly funded that, apparently, they were even short of the horse mounted troops they would have needed), again live on TV. An embarrassment, for sure.

However, this is not the US.

When some Extinction Rebellion idiots jumped on top of underground trains and blocked the traffic some time ago, they were taken down and given a sound thrashing by the very white collar people you see around in London every day. Whatever you say of Londonistan (and I could go on for a while), there are still a lot of people around the UK who have a no-nonsense approach to life, and will not be #metooed, or BLMed, or Extinction Rebellioned by these cretins. Rather, those wanting to push subversion under their nose will have to deal with them on the spot.

In short, there is no fertile ground for this kind of actions. You can’t take an entire Country hostage with your “racism” narrative. People really do not care if they are called “racist” or “fascist” when they reject insanity. They are, also, much better at smelling a Marxist because of their long experience with them, something which the American Citizen must still learn. This is exactly why the Government promoted the new legislation, and why yesterday riot’s were a total flop for the subversives.

Also, in the UK there are cameras everywhere. I suspect that, as happened with the riots in London, a methodical man-hunt will now start and will lead to the arrest of those (directly) responsible for the street violence; and no, it will not end with immediate releases because of some Soros-backed prosecutor refusing to do his job.

Learn from your former Masters, America. Stop drinking the Kool-aid of “racism”, environmentalism, and all other excuses used to push a Marxist agenda.

Wake up, smell the coffee, and get ready with that police baton.

The same as in the UK, the population will be on the side of decency.

Making Itself Superfluous, One Scandals At A Time

This note precedes an article published in a once Catholic magazine (no link):

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this piece had a reference that appeared insensitive and inappropriate in light of recent events in the United States which the XXXXX deplores in the strongest possible terms. Readers are also cautioned that this series of Improbable Hagiographies offers: Scandalously irreverent and theologically imprecise briefs on heroines of the faith, written by a recovering Protestant agnostic seeker with practically no training and exactly zero filter.

I do not think that the readers of the magazine have, on average, half the fear of the Lord of the average reader of this forum. However, it is not difficult to imagine that, among them, there must be a number who, actually, care. They must have wondered what on earth “scandalously irreverent and theologically imprecise briefs on heroines of the faith, written by a recovering Protestant agnostic seeker with practically no training and exactly zero filter” have to do with a Catholic magazine.

I have, predictably, not read the article, as I am not interested, at all, in what way exactly a person who is not part of my faith (or of any faith) wants to help me progress in mine.

However, at the end of the article there was another note: the author of the piece is, we are told, the founder of a secular pro-life Feminist organization.

Ye gods! Feminist, too? I know “feminist” is interpreted according to convenience nowadays; but, whatever kind of feminism this here is, Catholic it is not. Why? Because it’s feminist, Dr Watson!

I make an easy prediction here: every publication which keeps playing with “modernity” and thinks it “cool” to publish un-catholic, scandalous material from faithless people with zero filter may discover, one day, that these games were fatal to its existence.

Anybody who wants to read this stuff can do it, nowadays, literally everywhere else.

It really bespeaks a desire to make itself superfluous and go bust.

Joe Biden Has A new Job

Joe’s new vocation…

Vladimir Putin has just used Biden as a mop, has thoroughly cleaned the floor with him, then he has returned him to his place. I think this might be the beginning of a new, very promising career for Joe.

Putin’s brilliant game (offering Dementia Joe to have a live discussion on TV) is ideal to both defuse the tension and point out what we all know: the old, demented guy can’t have a live conversation with anyone unless he is prepared for weeks and drugged up to his eyeballs. Putin, always good for a joke, says he would like to have the conversation “before going to the taiga this weekend”. Oh boy…

Unsurprisingly, Biden’s handlers have refused the generous offer. I thought that the “corn pop” story had showed us what a though, though man this Biden is. Surely, he will not have any problem in facing a “killer” from the safety of his own office?

Er, no.

The problem is, you would have to talk. You would actually have to say things that make sense. You would have to say them so that you are understood. You would not have a teleprompter from which to (try to) read. It’s a serious obstacle for the man.

Putin hasn’t said himself that the man is, well, gone. However, he has had the leader of the biggest pro-Putin party say exactly that. This is glorious. A big party leader stating that the president of the US has dementia should make some waves. I am sure the White House will deny the … the… fact?

Biden wanted to be President. He wanted to be President knowing that he wasn’t fit, and that an army of people would be busy with rigging the elections so he makes it anyway. He will now have to live a life of humiliations until such time as he becomes such an embarrassment that his own party disposes of him in an environmentally friendly way.

I have no compassion for the man. Thief, cheater, sellout, outright bastard. He deserves his son, and the Democrats deserve him.

I hope they will have their fun, too.

Fake News

I miss Kayleigh McEnany. Not only was she very easy on the eye, but she had a very agreeable mixture of integrity, competence and assertiveness.

Alas, in the Age Of Dementia we have to do with Msss “circle back” Psaki; who either does not have answers she is supposed to have, or invents facts that aren’t there.

One example, and a very bad one, is here.

Msss Psaki, you don’t put words in the mouth of a Pope that he has not said. Not only is the Pope the head of the biggest religious organisation on this planet, but he is, also, a Head of State. Also interesting: Psaki has put her fake news also in the mouth of Dementia Joe, as she said that “he would say that.. (add here fake news)”. Therefore, even Biden, next time he remembers who is his wife, should be angry at her.

Mss Psaki has some apologising and some explaining to do; and frankly, I wonder whether she should not “circle back” to whatever she was doing before the current job. She might say that, as she has a President that calls the head of a nuclear power a killer – something which, if Trump had said it, would have caused savage calls of 25th amendment and hysterical fear mongering that the guy is dragging us into a nuclear war – her fake news are small change compared with the challenges of dementia. However, I can confidently say that Ms Psaki does not suffer of dementia, and that said dementia cannot be taken as the new bar of acceptable behaviour by White House officials.

We will see if and how the White House correct Ms Psaki. If yes, this will be an embarrassment that they had better not repeat anytime soon. If not, it will be further confirmation that the arrogance of these people really has no boundaries.

However, one compliment I must pay to Msss Psaki: she has managed to make Francis appear even worse than he already is.

This isn’t easy, at all.

The Three Minutes Test

Let us play a little mind game.

Let us imagine that an angel would appear to me, in the middle of the night, and would talk to me along the following lines:

“Greetings, Mundabor. You are not dreaming or having hallucinations. I come from above. I have been tasked to tell you that, as per right now, you have three minutes to make a choice between the following two options: the first is that you die now, and you are assured to avoid hell. The second is that you live another 40 years of the happiest and most fulfilled years on this earth, and you are not assured to avoid hell. Kindly choose now, because I have a lot of visits planned for tonight and I am behind schedule aleady. The time starts (takes out a big, heavy, old-style hand chronometre) now“. Tic, toc……

I am not likely to ever receive such a visit. But if I were to, I am fairly sure that I would say to the angel that I am ready to go, and it is so very nice of him to stop by. Then I would go, frankly not caring of how long or painful my purgatory will be, because the certainty of heaven one day is infinitely more important than any duration of purgatory, and infinitely more valuable than any discount I could, in theory but without absolute certainly, have merited in the residual 40 years of life.

What about you, my dear reader? What would you choose? If you say “I would choose the 40 years of happy life, knowing that they would give me a  very solid hope of meriting salvation, something I did not have before the angel showed up anyway”, I would say that you are not setting your priorities straight. The guarantee of the attainment of the Supreme Goal makes any other hoped for, or possible, or even extremely probable achievement (not my case anyway) utterly and completely worthless compared with the risk, no matter how small, of losing everything. This reasoning would, in fact, emit a strong odour of presumption. Still, I can’t avoid thinking that a lot of V II, “heart-in-the-right-place”, “God-is-lurv” “c”atholics would choose the second option, “so they can benefit humanity for 40 years more”; thus showing that to them, hell is a risk barely escaping the realm of the theoretical, and one they can very easily and confidently avoid.

Why, my dear readers, do I tell you all this? Why, firstly, of course, to remind you and myself of the only thing that, in the end, counts in life. Secondly, to remind you of what a blessing it is when we are told that we are about to die. A blessing and privilege, this one, that many generations before us fully appreciated and we, the not-so-smart users of extremely smart phones,  seem to abhor entirely.

The three minute test would, I think, easily separate the Catholics who takes their salvation seriously, from the protestantised ones who think their salvation a factual “given”.

Salvation (or lack of it) is, at the end of everything, the final of the last four things and, therefore, the only thing that makes all the difference.

It is healthy to remind ourselves of this, even if the angel does not show up.


Joe Bidens handlers have botched it once again. The poor (not really), old, demented (really) guy gave an interview yesterday in which he said that Andrew Cuomo should resign if the investigation proves him guilty, but women should be presumed to be telling the truth.

This doesn’t make sense. If women are presumed to be telling the truth, Cuomo should resign now. Actually, if women are presumed to be telling the truth, Dementia Joe should resign, too, then Tara Reade is most certainly a woman.

If, however, Cuomo should get his investigation, then it is clear that women are not automatically believed, not even by woke leftists.

In fact, you should not believe for a second that Biden’s handlers are really so sexist that they think women should be given a different legal position than men in court. No, what Biden’s handlers are saying is that accusations of sexual misconduct will receive the “believe all women ” treatment, or not, according to the party of the accuser and, if a Democrat, his power within the party.

The hypocrisy is staggering, but what is becoming increasingly more clear is that there is no desire to hide it, at all, not even an effort of coherence.

Joe Biden’s and Bill Clinton’s accusing women are not believed, in principle. Brett Kavanaugh’s perhaps accusing woman is believed, in principle. Andrew Cuomo’s accusing women is only believed to the extent that is convenient.

Joe Biden’s handlers really need to get a grip…

But no, wait! I forgot for a moment that they can manipulate elections, unpunished, and stole a Presidency without any consequence.

I begin to understand why they don’t care for even a modicum of coherence, then.

CDF States The Bleeding Obvious, Making Headlines Worldwide.

The CDF has, today, made known the answer to a Dubium, whether homosexual so-called “couples” can be blessed.

The answer is, of course, “no”. It is still full of PC, inclusive, milquetoast language. But in the end, yes, it is an undeniable “no”.

One sees with I do not say satisfaction, but a certain sense of half relief that at the Vatican they have not become all completely insane. Instead, insanity remains, for the time being, confined to merely dozen of the most important aspects of Catholicism, from the Pachamama scandal to the oblique, wink wink green light to the sacrilegious abuse of Holy Communion, to the persecution of sound Catholics, to the sellout of the Church in China to a communist dictatorship, and so on until tomorrow morning.

Let it not be said, therefore, that the stating of the obvious is something for which the appalling FrancisChurch should be praised. Rather, let it be said that not even the appalling FrancisChurch desires to be sacrilegious and heretical all the time.

What will be interesting now is to watch what kind of reaction this complete and utter banality and stating of the obvious will cause among the perverts and their friends, aka “progressive Catholics”. Methinks, Francis already knows what favour he will do them next, in order to appear like a “middle of the road” guy (being pro pervert half of the times probably counts as “middle of the roads” among the Polllyannas) and get more praise from the mainstream media.

In fact, yours cynical truly cannot but think that this answer to the Dubium has been released exactly in preparation of the other event. I could be wrong, of course. But in the case of Francis, thinking badly of him is just being realistic.

In fact, the most appalling reflection in all of this is that in this day and age, the Vatican makes headlines merely for stating that two and two is four.

It tells you a lot about the state of the Church in the Age of the Socialist Popes.

Some Career Advice For Andrew Cuomo

It is Sunday now and things are getting worse and worse for poor, poor baby-killing Andrew. As everyone and his dog is now calling for his resignation, it appears even his staff has had enough and they are now voting with their feet. (I hope they don’t get paid if they don’t work; but even if they are working from home, it’s clear they don’t want to be seen near the guy).

Now, Andrew should understand this: however this ends, he is toast. Even if, for some improbable joke of fate, he insists on not resigning and the news cycle manages to save him, he is utterly and completely destroyed. There will be no new term, there will be the constant threat of impeachment, and he will be buried by insults (from both sides) every time he opens his mouth, which he loves to do so much they gave him an Emmy.

In other words, Andrew Cuomo is, at this point, irretrievably damaging a brand that had a lot of tractions among baby-killers, aka Democrats, for a long time.

If I were one of his woke friends, and would be sitting with him in sort sort of pub, protected by the insults of the general public, I would say to him that it is time to think what he wants to do after politics. He is, more likely than not, still able to leverage the many favours he has done to many, many powerful people and get some extremely well-paid position in the private industry. But he needs to understand that if he goes on this way, his particular brand of baby-killing will become so toxic that it will be difficult to do even that.

Not, mind, because of the baby-killing. Democrats are, as we all know, all very much in favour of that, and those who are personally opposed are collectively supporting it (as in: “I am personally opposed to the reintroduction of slavery, but I respect the opinion of those who think differently”, or the like). Not even for the killing of 15,00 Grannies, least of all for lying about their deaths. No, the problem is that Cuomo has gone against the most sacred of the sacred cows of the Democrats: he has made himself liable to the horrible accusation of sexual harassment of women whilst White.

It does not look good, does it? Male, White, and very powerful, Cuomo represents everything that is wrong with humanity for a good chunk of the Democrats electorate. He will just not be allowed to get away with it. Joe Biden “different cultural norms”, happily applied by Dementia Joe to the extermination of entire populations, will not be used to help him. Nor will he be able to appeal to the moral standard applied to every rap and hip hop singer in the Country. They are mostly Black, and Democrats, who claims they are not racist, seem unable to expect the same standard of behaviour from Blacks than they expect from Whites. Still, neither Cuomo, nor any other Democrat, can say that this is as racist as racism comes.

Look here, Andrew. Nick Clegg, a UK politician, managed to almost destroy his party, lose face and be despised by everyone in just a handful of years. But then, his being a complete moral vacuum landed him an extremely well remunerated, and possibly even powerful, position at Facebook! If you are a leftist, it does not matter how badly you fail, provided you know when it’s time to go. This, Andrew, is something you will have to think about very hard.

I know, I know. You love power over everything else. You also enjoyed the bullying, the threatening, the flexing of your considerable political muscle. But you see, all this is now gone. Accusing you of mistreating people is rapidly becoming the most popular sports in the Country, before (woke) Football and (half woke) Baseball.

Your game is over, Andrew.

Do the smart thing, resign now. Keep a low profile for a while, and then collect the favours powerful interests of all sorts owe you. If you are smart now, you will be fine.

In the end, there will people out there who are so dumb and corrupt, that they thought you were good for an Emmy!

Andrew Cuomo’s Career About To Be Late-term Aborted.

It is Friday afternoon in Europe as I write this, and the calls for Andrew Cuomo’s resignation are increasing by the hour, to the point where it seems that, very soon, no-one will want not to be on record asking that he steps down.

I can’t imagine he will survive this, but the more he resists, the more he damages the party; therefore, and as far as I am concerned, he should sit very tight on his armchair for another day or two, dying the death of thousand cuts.

The Dems are following the usual playbook: the woke agenda. The hypocrisy is stunning because the same rules were not applied to Cigar Bill or to Two-Finger Joe, but it is clear this is a convenient way to get rid of the guy, whilst looking as much woke and as least incompetent as possible.

Cuomo is not only responsible for thousands of deaths, which might or might not be the result of grave negligence, at least initially. More gravely, he has lied to the public and to legislative bodies about the extent of the deaths. This is exactly what the Democrats want you to forget. If they were to go down that road, I can imagine that very unpleasant questions, and very inconvenient truths, would emerge about the dealing of a handful of Democrat Governors, including Governor Wannabe Tranny in Michigan.

Cuomo will, I think, fall. He is now a huge kidney stone in the middle of the already poisonous Democrat organism, and the stone is so big it could soon block the gallbladder. The Dems seem to have decided that they need a flush now, lest things get ugly in 2022. This, obviously, just in case they can’t keep stealing elections forever.

Do I have any sympathy for Cuomo? No. Latest term abortion bastard posing as vaguely Catholic does not deserve any.

Do I think that the accusations are true, in those cases at least in which they would appear grave enough? I don’t care one tiny bit. Provided he’s gone, I am happy.

Do I think that he should be entitled to due process and a fair investigation? Most certainly not, as he himself asked for resignation of people in his exact position in the past.

Am I worried that this is, in the end, another victory for the extreme left, who will try to replace Cuomo with someone worse than him (remember Cynthia Dixon, the dike?)? Actually, no. I hope that the “squad” terminates many other prominent careers inside the party, and that this leads to an internecine war with many, many victims. Liberals kill their own with relish, and prominent Democrats have tried to incorporate the Squad instead of opposing them. Now they will all pay for it, and I hope they pay dearly. Make no mistake, the Squad is now circling around every Pelosi and Schumer of the world, waiting to get rid of them with the right excuse and cowering them to submission in the meantime.

Go away, Andrew, and hope you stay away from jail; which, as you have realised by now, might not be a foregone conclusion. Your career is about to be late-term aborted, and your candidature to the President is officially as dead as Disco.

To think he got an Emmy.

Sic transit gloria mundi, Andy boy.

May Chuck and Nancy follow you very soon.

The Self-Imposed Dictatorship Of Fear Is Not The Chicoms’ Fault.

It has been suspected that the Chicom government released the virus on purpose, in order to paralyse the West and wreak havoc in our economies.

I do not think this theory stands up to reality.

The Virus struck in China first. YouTube videos showing people collapsing on the street were making the rounds for weeks before the alarm was sounded. The first doctor who alerted the population was forced to recant. Thus, the virus was left free to spread among the Chinese by the very actions of their own dictatorial Government. No-one shoots himself in the arm hoping that the bullet’s overpenetration hits his enemy.

Also, the Chicoms acted,  when they finally decided to act, in an absolutely brutal, undemocratic, and repressive way: locking everybody at home. These measures were unheard of in peace times in the West. It is fully irrational to think that the Chicoms would paralyse vast parts of their economy in the hope that the West becomes just as illiberal as they are, and does the same.

No. Whilst I have little doubt that this virus went out – through a typical communist regime blunder of the kind that gave us Chernobyl – from a Chicom bacteriological war laboratory, it seems impossible to me that they would predict, or even have a faint hope, that the West would transform in an immense experiment in repression.

The sad reality is, the ravaging of our economies that followed the pandemic is all of our own making. It is, sad as it is to say this, the result of a society who has lost the will to fight against adversity, and seems now prevalently composed of old people scared of a disease, and young people scared of life.

In fact, we need to notice this: the unprecedented curtailing of the most elementary freedom was, in most cases, not imposed on the Western populations. It was, as a whole, enthusiastically accepted and thoroughly invited by them, with even the categories most affected, like pubs and restaurants, jumping on the “caring” bandwagon and exposing their stupid “protect the NHS” flags outside of their own empty, lifeless premises.

This “pandemic” has revealed the great fragility of Western Democracies, where freedom is not valued, provided one gets a fully irrational sense of security. Particularly in Europe, we are growing old, and weary of freedom.

We are also full of atheists: which, in my eyes, goes a long way in explaining the stunning willingness to sacrifice one’s freedoms so that one might be less afraid of death, for now.

But death will, unavoidably, come. It will come for every one of the old people refusing to look at it, and it will come, it is to be feared, for every one of those Democracies who have lost the desire to defend their freedoms, because they have lost the hope of the life to come.

Meet The Friends Of The “Pandemic”

There is no denying that, however you put it, the Chinese Virus “emergency” is coming to an end.

I cannot avoid thinking that a segment of the population will feel really uncomfortable with this.

There will be those who, accustomed, for a year now, to have their thumb, or their pacifier, firmly stuck in their mouth, will feel more or less traumatised at having to come to grips with the notion that yes, they are adults and they are supposed to take care of themselves.

There will be the many who, having been born a Nanny (if female) or a Corporal (if man), and having greatly enjoyed their ability to go around scolding people for not wearing a mask, or not wearing it in the right place, will now suffer their loss of authority over other people.

There will be the lazy ones, like an awful lot of teachers. They have become accustomed to the same pay for even less work. The prospect of having to go back to the old days is not something they like.

Then there will be the sociopaths. With no life, no friends, and no-one having any interest in them, they enjoyed ratting their neighbours to the police, and felt that fuzzy feeling, that all cruel people evidently have, that they made others suffer. This is, of course, their revenge because their neighbours, like everybody else, don’t like them.

Let us not forget the enviro-nutcases. Another category universally hated, and hating humanity in return, they enjoyed the decrease in emissions that the hysteria called “pandemic” caused. Methinks, many of them would want this to go on forever.

Then there would be the Marxists. They have been looking attentively, and they now know that entire Countries have given away their freedom because of a nasty epidemic of flu. They know, now, that freedom is almost defenceless all over the West. Find the right trigger, and entire populations will surrender their freedoms to their new masters, grateful to have someone who takes care of them.

Lastly, you have the do-gooders. The ones who go out of their door on a Thursday evening at 8pm to clap to some absent people, hoping to be seen by as many neighbours as possible. Those who constantly say “stay safe!” even to the cat. Those who ask everybody if “everyone is fine” in his family, as if they were in Dresden, Germany, mid-February 1945.

All of these people are going to lose, in the so-called “pandemic”, a very dear friend. One would feel for them, almost, considering the miserable life they will continue to live.

When the next attempt to shut everything is made (the next “pandemic”, or the next variation of the present one), you can be sure that the fear-mongerers will have in these people ardent allies.

Freedom, and adulthood, have many enemies.

The friends of the “pandemic” are most  certainly among them.

Flirting With Heresy.

One of the most distinctive, immediate traits of a sincere Catholic is, without any doubt, his desire to be orthodox.

A Catholic might, inadvertently,  say something that is not kosher. However, he will always make clear that he is submissive to the Truths the Church has given us, and he will be embrassed at, and ashamed of, any involuntary mistake in that regard.

Why does he do that? Because he knows that Christ comes first. Peace and war, famine and violence, rape and abortion, are all seen under the lens of truth. A truth that may be, at times, not immediately recognised; but that is, at all times, the highest value and first priority.

The consequence of this very obvious trait of every sincere Catholic is elementary: no sincere Catholic would ever tell you that he is willing to risk heresy in the pursuit of some worldly good, like peace, or prosperity, or understanding among the people.

A person – any person! – expressing himself in such a way would clearly show that, for him, Christ is not the first priority, and these worldly and inferior goods – peace, etc – have been made the new God, to which the old one must bow and take second place.

This is so obvious, so intuitive, so deeply embedded in our beautiful sensus catholicus that every illiterate peasant, who takes Christ seriously, unavoidably must think in this way.

We had, very recently, to be informed of another peasant; one who, not being illiterate, is in a much better position than the former to understand the enormity of “risking heresy”. One who, disgracefully, has no qualms at all with the concept, and not only mentions, but boasts of his willingness to risk wounding Christ in the pursuit of his worldly aims. One who, tragically, is pope, and the most atrocious betrayal of the office that can be imagined, short of some burlesque character or aspiring trannie; characters for whom, no doubts, Francis feels more than some symphaty. 

Sad as it is to see a pope behave in this way, I ask you once again to reflect on this: why would God not punish the travesty, the immense joke, the unspeakable, arrogant rebellion  of the Second Vatican Council with a pope, or a succession of popes,  that are just as much of a travesty, just as much of an immense joke, and just as unspeakably rebellious as V II was?

It is, actually, already a fairly mild punishment, compared to nuclear wars, epic devastations, or near life-terminating events on this planet. The circus play currently in play, and led by the Evil Clown, still leaves you free to live in times of unprecedented prosperity, at leisure to cultivate your soul and water it with truth no matter what Francis says!

The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons. It could have been another, but worse, World War. If it stops at Francis, our punishment will have been very mild. Alas, it could go on for several generations. But as long as you, my dear reader, can march towards your hoped Salvation in comfort, the arrogance of this peasant should not deprive you of your serenity.

Whenever you read about this guy and your blood pressure rises, take a deep breath and reflect that it is just and fitting that the disfiguration of the Truth should result in the disfiguration of the Church.  Reflect, also, that only this kind of aberrant behaviour will, one day, push the mainstream Catholics to understand the enormity of what they and their ancestors have done, and start to seriously longing for the good old days.

Some might say that never has a bad pope behaved as badly as this one. I reply that never has a rebellion within the Church been as bad as this one! Francis is without precedent, because V II is! Why would God not punish the descendants of those who have defied Him in a fitting way, such as to make them understand the arrogance of theirs, and their ancestors’, thinking?

It all makes perfect sense to me. Go V II, get Francis. Make of the Church a kumbaya circus resounding with guitars, get a clown at the top of the circus. Play with the Sacraments, get a joker to watch over them.

When will this end? When we have been punished enough and, by God’s grace, finally understand, repent, and long to go back to Sanity. Considering the enormity of the V II “spirit”, this could be several generations away; and if you think it absurd, I would posit that the enormity of V II has not been grasped by you yet.

In the meantime, we will have to live with an arrogant boor boasting of his pious flirting with heresy.

It’s that bad.

Deja Vu All Over Again: Meghan Against The Queen

We are on your side, Ma’am..

You remember Diana, don’t you?

The biggest piece of hypocrite bitch ever appeared on media planet. Always ready for a charity photo-op before an important divorce court appearance. Constantly playing victim. “Wanted to commit suicide”. Tried to anger the Queen and the Palace in every way she could. Slutted it out (from, what, week 5?) because “depression”. Played rebel but was so attached to the royal title. Accused them all of “racism” because they didn’t like that she was giving scandal with her Brown Sugar Lover. But she was so, so good…

Fast forward 25 years later, and it’s deja vu all over again.

Victim attitude? Check

Wants to anger the Queen at all cost? Check

“Thought about suicide”? Check

Accusation of racism? Double check!

Allegedly nasty, oppressive environment who made her world famous? Check

Idiot for a husband? Triple check!

What this woman is doing is beyond despicable. It’s a toxic mixture of all that made Diana so hateful, plus the woke ideology which is, in fact, hate in action all the time.

I must also say that I never knew, until a long time after the marriage, that Merkle is not White. She looks, in fact, White enough to me, but hey….

But no, the race card must be played all the time, even when you are a B-list actress who won the lottery, in the form of a poor, mentally challenged boy who just isn’t smart enough to know what is good for him. At least he wasn’t cuckolded, as far as we know.

The news of the day is, though, the Big R bomb: look, look!! Some members of the family were (sob) worried ab (sob) about the skin colour of her sons! How dare you… Philip!! Or perhaps… perhaps… is it possible that the unthinkable…




She doesn’t say. Mentally challenged guy dutifully confirms. We all cry. It should remain in the air. The One Who Shall Not Be Named should be tainted. Because Meghan hates her. Just as she hates everybody.

I never liked the Queen so much. Today, the rosary is for her.

Christianity Wrong, Francis Right. Or So He Thinks…

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

The above is from the Ecclesiastes. Which, as Pope Francis might have known at one time, is part of the Bible. Which, as Pope Francis might have learned around 1962, is the Word of God.

Now, with the basics firmly im place, let us examine the “introduction” to the official prayer that the Evil Clown recited in Iraq. No, I haven’t even read the prayer itself. I had enough after the introduction.

If God is the God of life – for so he is – then it is wrong for us to kill our brothers and sisters in his Name.
If God is the God of peace – for so he is – then it is wrong for us to wage war in his Name.
If God is the God of love – for so he is – then it is wrong for us to hate our brothers and sisters.

This must come from some kindergarten; or from some Jesuit seminary run by perverts. It tries to impose on the intellectually challenged a pseudo-logic of the notorious “do not judge”-kind. It is the parody of Christianity so loved by those who hate Christianity.

Once again, Francis is saying it very plainly: he hates Christianity. Then if you consider, say, the Crusades wrong, and the idea of killing in the name of God abhorrent, how can you not come to the conclusion that Christianity is all wrong, and has always been?

The answer to this is very easy: Francis has gone full steam down the road of the Church-haters, and he has done this, very obviously, for decades. Now that he is (however unworthily) pope, the man cannot resist the temptation of dishing all his hatred on your dish, and demand that you eat it. I am afraid he will be disappointed.

You eat your excrement, Francis.

We will have nothing to do with it.

Every Little Helps, Or: Three Cheers For Arkansas

The great state of Arkansas has sent to the Governor a bill banning abortion, including the cases of rape and incest.

You may say that this is just an exercise in futility before the cowards at the Supreme Court strike this off. However, I think that it is important that such bills are approved and make headlines.

Firstly, the approval of such bills by appointed representatives of the people would, if carried out in many States, put pressure on the above mentioned cowards, and we know now how easy it is to pressure most of them.

Secondly, the bill helps to get rid of those stupidly emotional “rape and incest exceptions”. As if a baby could lose his right to live merely because of the circumstances that caused his life to be, well, an innocent human life. This is a self-defeating, contradictory, utterly illogical position, probably created to win votes among the emotionally challenged but, in the end, denying the premise: if it is wrong to kill an innocent baby in his mother’s womb, no rape or incest will ever make it right.

If the example of Arkansas is followed in many more States, the debate will take different contours. We will not have useless yesmen (and yeswomen. Talking to you, Coney-Barrett) at the Supreme Court. In God’s good times, we will have the right people, and it is wise to start paving the way for when they come.

I know, not one little, innocent life will be directly saved by this bill. But we will never now how many women decide not to abort their child because of initiatives like this one.

As a famous slogan in the UK goes, “every little helps”.

The Golden “Continuing Ministry”

The news reached me today that the rather disgraced Cardinal Wuerl is receiving 2 million dollars a year for his “continuing ministry”.

Boy, how I would like a “continuing ministry”!

How hard does the Cardinal work for the 2 millions? What do all the people whom he employs with such a budget actually do? Or does it fritter everything away with expensive flights and hotels? Or perhaps does he spend the money in other ways, like the infamous Cardinal McCarrick (an old acquaintance of Wuerl, shall we say….) used to do? I have only found about one or two “retreats”, which he could have done pretty much on his own, possibly without even the need of a personal assistant at, say, 250 dollar a day.

It also emerges that this is not money donated by, say, some association of wealthy Friends of Horrible Cardinals, for the exclusive use of our guy. No, this is money that the Archdiocese of Washington could have used any way they please. Instead, they have gone to finance the “continuing ministry” of a retired, rather disgraced guy.

Honestly, I think that pious heads should piously roll.

Heck, if the guy is so eager to work, could he not have asked to be assigned to a parish and continue his work there, at a net saving of probably 1.96 million a year and with many, many more documented hours of “ministry” than what we can see now?

This “poor church for the poor” isn’t half bad or, apparently, half poor.

It seems that 2 million dollar of the faithful are treated like pocket change, to keep some old guy (little) occupied. It seems that it pays to be friends with the humbly powerful and the piously wasteful. Or, perhaps, that it pays to know an awful lot of things, so that those who want to appease you and prevent you from disgracing a lot of people with you prefer to fund an extremely cushioned retirement, sorry, continuing ministry. It could even be (thinking out loud here) that the Cardinal is merely a conduit for bribes paid to others, as a compensation for horrible “services” rendered other, more simply, to keep their mouth shut without the risk of Clintonising them.

I think that Catholics should demand that every cent of this is accounted for, justified, or restituted, and those responsible for this sent to some obscure parish to work for a change.

But hey, what do I know?

I am no friend of paedophiles.

Francis’ Torturers

Have you ever been tortured by your confessor? Me neither.

Alas, the Evil Clown disagrees. He is so worried about torturer priests that, in his clownish “intentions” for March (committed to a video, because humbleness), he prays that those who go to Confession may not find them.

Boy, he must think that the problem is quite big!

Being somewhat cynical, and persuaded that Francis is a scoundrel either willingly (if he is a Satanist, which at this point I emphatically refuse to exclude) or unwittingly (if he is, as much more likely, the garden variety of Church-hating atheist) manipulated by Satan, I think I know what it’s going on here.

In my opinion, Frankie The Pachamama Boy is very angry at those priests who refuse to hear the confession of concubines.

You will say that this is just as it should be. But you see, you think like a Catholic, Francis doesn’t! The only Catholic things he has in himself are the job and the title. For the rest, he lives in a Catholic-free space; a space where you are afraid that your confessors may be…. torturers! Oh, the cruelty!!!

Another hypothesis, albeit less likely, is that Pachamama Guy considers torturers those confessors who refuse absolution to the faithful, because they see no repentance. Why do I say this? Firstly, because Francis lives in a Catholic-free space; and secondly because, once again, he appears – from what I can read; I don’t inflict on myself a video of the guy – to fail to stress that it is exactly repentance which, via God’s Mercy, opens the gates of absolution.

In the Catholicism-free space in which Francis lives, I have noticed this often: this idea of unconditional remission of everything, because (and I quote the guy) I have sinned “and I will sin again”. In Frankie’s Circus, you don’t need to do anything you don’t want to, and God just forgives you, because Mercy. Well, if this is the rubbish he thinks, I am not surprised of the rubbish he talks.

So, another month has started, and the Evil Clown has found another way to insult proper Catholics, and his very own priests at that.

What a sad way to approach his own judgment.

Jojo Rabbit, Papal Edition

(Spoiler alert!!)

If you have not seen Jojo Rabbit, I suggest that you find a way to do it. I don’t give any guarantee of 100% Catholic content; but what I guarantee, is that you will see a nice, funny, deep, even tender movie about a boy of the Hitlerjugend, towards the end of WW II, who discovers love just as life kicks him brutally in the balls, forcing him to grow out of his childish fantasies towards, hopefully, the life of a balanced, sensible adult.

Jojo, the young protagonist, is a bright young boy of (if memory serves) ten, who has an “imaginary friend” in the person of his number one hero, Adolf Hitler.

The imaginary friend is not, however, the real Hitler. It is the Hitler seen, imagined, willed by the young Jojo. Jojo really, really likes Hitler, and he builds for himself a Hitler who is his best friend and confidant; who is childish and at times funny, but tries to help the child as best as .. a child can.

Life and love, and the pain both bring, will help young Jojo to grow out of his imaginary friend, and start on his way to manhood, with all the scars it entails.

Why do I mention Jojo Rabbit? Because I think that, just as Jojo had his imaginary Hitler, many a (good intentioned) Catholic has his own imaginary Benedict.

Like Jojo’s Adolf, Benedict is pretty much the best friend of the faithful traumatised from a scandalous Francis. Therefore, they take refuge in this imaginary friend and attribute to him all the virtues that are necessary to make them sleep at night.

Jojo’s Benedict, like Jojo’s Adolf, can do no wrong. If he talks rubbish, it’s evil Gaenswein who makes him talk that way. If he repeats with all the energy of his many years that there is only one Pope, it’s the Corriere that created a wrong story out of nothing. If Benedict defends Francis, it must have been, I don’t know, the Russians?

I suggest to those faithful that they abandon their imaginary friend or, better said, that they – like Jojo – grow out of it. Same as for Jojo, this growing will not be without pain, as it will require the sober acknowledgment that Benedict always was a lousy Pope, and always was an even lousier Emeritus. It also entails the very painful admission that Francis is Pope, and a scoundrel at the same time. Yes, it can happen. Yes, it has happened many times before. Yes, this time is worse. Yes, V II is also without precedent, and it therefore makes sense – and I think it conforms to Divine Justice – that a rebellion without precedent should lead to a mess without precedent. This is the only way the generations past ours, when all this madness has finished, recognise both the madness and the punishment, and keep memory of the unspeakable arrogance of their ancestors, never to be repeated again.

Like Jojo’s Hitler, Jojo’s Benedict is a very improbable imaginary friend.

He is, clearly, non existent.

Embrace reality with all its suffering, like Jojo did.

You are all too old for an imaginary friend.

Little Women, Revisited

Gosh, does anyone read those endless blog posts of Catholic bloggers talking about themselves? Heavens, it makes them look like characters from Louisa May Alcott, or like teenage girls writing a diary; only, most teenage girls have the decency to keep the diary for themselves!

I have been writing this blog for ten and a half year, and no one knows what I do as a job, what great graces I had in life, what challenges I had to go through and what suffering I have suffered, “how I feel right now”, how the people who write bad stuff about me “make me feel” (hint: I don’t give a Creepy Joe) and all that stuff. The most I do is stuff like informing my readers that, say, I will write less about Francis because I don’t want to get a cancer, or that I blog because I think that the Blessed Virgin watches, and approves.

But in the end, and very simply, it is not about me.

In the great scheme of things, we are insignificant. The most we can aspire to, is to be the Blessed Virgin’s warrior ants. I don’t know you, but I was never very curious about the inner life of a warrior ant, or desirous of being subject to the ant going on and on about itself. Go on with the attack to the termite nest and shut up, please.

It’s not about us. It’s that we love the Church, the Church is being attacked (from inside every bit as from outside) and we try to do our best because, one day, we will have to do our redde rationem, and we think that Catholic engagement (as a blogger, a commenter, or a reader) is a better investment in that regard than, say, videogames. But let me tell you this: if the Church were now in the shape it was under Pius XII, I would play videogames.

I also do not see (nor would I allow it to happen) commenters on my blog going on and on about themselves. They write because there are issues, pertaining the Church, about which they want to give a contribution. Do they hope to have a reward for their engagement? I certainly hope they do. Do they make it about themselves? Most certainly not.

I suggest that those who like to write about themselves apply for a job in some women’s magazines.

Or, alternatively, go on with their life like real men do.

Sad Benedict Either Gone Or Getting Worse With Age

Decidedly, Benedict is not like wine.

The gentlest thing that one can say of him, is that he is undergoing the same trajectory as Joe Biden. However, in the case of Joe Biden it is evident that the man struggles to remain on planet earth for more than a short period of time. In the case of Benedict, who even remembers Bishop Williamson and Wikileaks, the jury is seriously out.

Some of the things he says are outrageous. This is not the first time he does that and, if you scour this blog, you will find several other posts with me commenting on Benedict going (almost) full Francis fanboy. Today is no exception: to portrait Biden as “good Catholic”, “personally against abortion” and without a clear position on “gender policy” is either demented or very, very evil, so let’s hope he is demented.

I have given, at the time, all the good will to Benedict that could reasonably be given to him. I have written many times that I thought that he did what he, in good conscience, thought best for the Church, thinking (in his naivete) that a stronger and decidedly Catholic Pope would take his place.

With the years, I have started to grow some doubts. A Pope who resigns because he does not feel strong enough to be a good Catholic Pope does not repeatedly praise a horrible, decidedly un-Catholic Pope. At the very least, an ashamed and dignified silence would have been in order. But no, the man has given now several interviews in which he tries to persuade the Pollyanna Crowds that Francis really is what the Church needs now. Again, it’s either dementia or it is inexcusable.

This is, also, an interview to the Corriere della Sera, not one of those chats with the also very old (97 in April) Eugenio Scalfari. There is no way the Corriere pulls a stunt and simply distorts Benedict’s words like they are the CNN. It is also unthinkable that the man knows that he is misrepresented, and never says a peep. Stop defending him because he is old, or because you love to think this guy is still in charge.

Benedict is either gone, or he is part of the problem. May the Lord have mercy on him when he (pretty soon, judging from the pictures) will stay in front of Him.

Honestly, I would not want to swap my chances with his.

Plans And Prams, Or: Understanding Francis

Hhhmmm…. Let me think very hard about this….

From Father Hunwicke’s blog, I read this quote of Bobby Mickens:

” … it’s not clear what Francis actually does want. And not just on his birthday, but on many things. … Oh, he’s written and said a lot. An awful lot. But that doesn’t mean he always reveals what he’s really thinking. And, at times, he says things that are hard to square with things he has said and done at oher times. In a word, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is somewhat of an enigma. He rails against clericalism, yet he can also be as clerical as anyone.”

Well I think I can help.

Francis is not an enigma.

He is just plain stupid. And childish. And Arrogant.

Think of Francis from the vantage point of his most evident traits: hate for the Church, childishness, arrogance, stubbornness, and total lack of profundity of thought. Put all of this in the blender, switch on for 30 second, and what you must perforce have is, well, him.

The over-rationalising punditry try to construe a system in Francis’ actions, but this is just the same as wanting to unlock the deep meaning and life philosophy behind the tantrums of a spoiled child. Francis is not interested in coherence. He does not care for the opinions of people he despises. He has no philosophy beyond what pleases him on the day. Therefore, all his contradictions and gaffes and provocations and factual blasphemies do not follow a pre-conceived project.

With Francis there is no plan, only a pram.

Look at him in this way and, suddenly, everything he does and says makes perfect sense. His petty revenges, his hatred for Christ, or his contempt for faithful Catholics do not follow a planned strategic plan. No person with a brain would create a long-term plan and have such a stupid, contradictory, utterly embarrassing, and totally self-defeating one.

Imagine a child of twelve given absolute power over the Church, and you are pretty near to a full understanding of what is happening. Add a life of scrounging and resentment, and you get even nearer. Throw in the mix a long life, also marked by defeats and “exile” in unwanted positions, and you will get nearer still (the twelve years old would canonise chocolate and declare spinach heretical; Francis is smarter than that).

The contradictions, hypocrisies, countless embarrassments of this men are an enigma only to a person who wants to explain them away! Francis lies like you breathe. He clearly does not believe in life after death, and is not intelligent enough to care for the way he will be remembered. Does a very obnoxious twelve year old stop and think how he will be remembered if he dies today? No, he doesn’t. What he cares for is his gripe for the day, and how he can be obnoxious to others now. Tomorrow, he will have a new gripe, and a new way of being obnoxious. He will not care for any coherence today with his actions of yesterday. He will only care of what he can get away with. Francis is that child, with the addition of a peculiar mark of shamelessness, apparently due to Argentinian heritage, according to which being caught lying is a sign of smartness.

Every time that I read about these people trying to figure out Francis, I have this image in front of me of a piece of dog’s excrement, in the middle of the walkway, with influential journalists and pundits all gathered, in a neat circle, around it, pensively smoking their pipes.

How is it that that thing stinks, they wonder? How can that object have that peculiar shape? Isn’t it baffling that the object would have that particular consistency, and likely texture, that makes it so difficult to understand what is going on with it?

Gentlemen, open your eyes: it’s brown, it stinks, it has the appropriate consistency and form. It’s a piece of shit, period.

Francis isn’t difficult to understand. He is, actually, extremely easy.

You merely need to apply common sense and basic life experience.

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