Plans And Prams, Or: Understanding Francis

Hhhmmm…. Let me think very hard about this….

From Father Hunwicke’s blog, I read this quote of Bobby Mickens:

” … it’s not clear what Francis actually does want. And not just on his birthday, but on many things. … Oh, he’s written and said a lot. An awful lot. But that doesn’t mean he always reveals what he’s really thinking. And, at times, he says things that are hard to square with things he has said and done at oher times. In a word, Jorge Mario Bergoglio is somewhat of an enigma. He rails against clericalism, yet he can also be as clerical as anyone.”

Well I think I can help.

Francis is not an enigma.

He is just plain stupid. And childish. And Arrogant.

Think of Francis from the vantage point of his most evident traits: hate for the Church, childishness, arrogance, stubbornness, and total lack of profundity of thought. Put all of this in the blender, switch on for 30 second, and what you must perforce have is, well, him.

The over-rationalising punditry try to construe a system in Francis’ actions, but this is just the same as wanting to unlock the deep meaning and life philosophy behind the tantrums of a spoiled child. Francis is not interested in coherence. He does not care for the opinions of people he despises. He has no philosophy beyond what pleases him on the day. Therefore, all his contradictions and gaffes and provocations and factual blasphemies do not follow a pre-conceived project.

With Francis there is no plan, only a pram.

Look at him in this way and, suddenly, everything he does and says makes perfect sense. His petty revenges, his hatred for Christ, or his contempt for faithful Catholics do not follow a planned strategic plan. No person with a brain would create a long-term plan and have such a stupid, contradictory, utterly embarrassing, and totally self-defeating one.

Imagine a child of twelve given absolute power over the Church, and you are pretty near to a full understanding of what is happening. Add a life of scrounging and resentment, and you get even nearer. Throw in the mix a long life, also marked by defeats and “exile” in unwanted positions, and you will get nearer still (the twelve years old would canonise chocolate and declare spinach heretical; Francis is smarter than that).

The contradictions, hypocrisies, countless embarrassments of this men are an enigma only to a person who wants to explain them away! Francis lies like you breathe. He clearly does not believe in life after death, and is not intelligent enough to care for the way he will be remembered. Does a very obnoxious twelve year old stop and think how he will be remembered if he dies today? No, he doesn’t. What he cares for is his gripe for the day, and how he can be obnoxious to others now. Tomorrow, he will have a new gripe, and a new way of being obnoxious. He will not care for any coherence today with his actions of yesterday. He will only care of what he can get away with. Francis is that child, with the addition of a peculiar mark of shamelessness, apparently due to Argentinian heritage, according to which being caught lying is a sign of smartness.

Every time that I read about these people trying to figure out Francis, I have this image in front of me of a piece of dog’s excrement, in the middle of the walkway, with influential journalists and pundits all gathered, in a neat circle, around it, pensively smoking their pipes.

How is it that that thing stinks, they wonder? How can that object have that peculiar shape? Isn’t it baffling that the object would have that particular consistency, and likely texture, that makes it so difficult to understand what is going on with it?

Gentlemen, open your eyes: it’s brown, it stinks, it has the appropriate consistency and form. It’s a piece of shit, period.

Francis isn’t difficult to understand. He is, actually, extremely easy.

You merely need to apply common sense and basic life experience.

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  1. People who cannot accept the fact or even entertain it that Francis is not a Catholic, not interested in building up the body of Christ but rather, tearing it down, actually lack faith and understanding. They are childish and cannot accept the reality that is in front of them and that is Judas is heading the Catholic Church right now. Judas was there right from the beginning with Chris; one of His chosen twelve apostles and he betrayed Jesus right to face with a kiss. There is a reason Judas was chosen. It is mysterious……there really isn’t anything new here. It’s the same story all over again. People lack faith and they don’t believe Tradition, Scripture, Prophecy and Our Lady. Therefore, they do not accept reality. This is the culmination of modernism.

  2. I suspect there are . . . ahem . . . legal reasons why Pope Francis doesn’t return to Argentina.

    • R. Hunter Bidet

      I was born and raised there and me thinks that he does not visit because people there know him well, and even the leftwing atheists don’t like him. He won’t be well received.

  3. An imam, a rabbi, and a bishop go into a restaurant.

    The imam orders matzo balls. When the rabbi and the bishop raise their eyebrows, he explains, “To understand the greatest enemy of my faith, I must eat like he does.”

    The rabbi nods his head, and orders Italian pasta with meatballs. When the imam and the bishop raise their eyebrows, he explains, “To understand the greatest enemy of my faith, I must eat like he does.”

    The bishop nods his head, and orders Italian pasta with meatballs. When the imam and the rabbi raise their eyebrows, he explains, “To understand the greatest enemy of my faith, I must eat like he does.”

  4. R. Hunter Bidet

    Omogoglio hates the Church as a good XIXth century Carbonari from Piedmont, he is as a boorish uneducated leftwing Peronist hustler as any dweller of the bars of Buenos Aires, all of this spiced with a good dose of senility (still far from the chairman’s mental challenges).

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