Sad Benedict Either Gone Or Getting Worse With Age

Decidedly, Benedict is not like wine.

The gentlest thing that one can say of him, is that he is undergoing the same trajectory as Joe Biden. However, in the case of Joe Biden it is evident that the man struggles to remain on planet earth for more than a short period of time. In the case of Benedict, who even remembers Bishop Williamson and Wikileaks, the jury is seriously out.

Some of the things he says are outrageous. This is not the first time he does that and, if you scour this blog, you will find several other posts with me commenting on Benedict going (almost) full Francis fanboy. Today is no exception: to portrait Biden as “good Catholic”, “personally against abortion” and without a clear position on “gender policy” is either demented or very, very evil, so let’s hope he is demented.

I have given, at the time, all the good will to Benedict that could reasonably be given to him. I have written many times that I thought that he did what he, in good conscience, thought best for the Church, thinking (in his naivete) that a stronger and decidedly Catholic Pope would take his place.

With the years, I have started to grow some doubts. A Pope who resigns because he does not feel strong enough to be a good Catholic Pope does not repeatedly praise a horrible, decidedly un-Catholic Pope. At the very least, an ashamed and dignified silence would have been in order. But no, the man has given now several interviews in which he tries to persuade the Pollyanna Crowds that Francis really is what the Church needs now. Again, it’s either dementia or it is inexcusable.

This is, also, an interview to the Corriere della Sera, not one of those chats with the also very old (97 in April) Eugenio Scalfari. There is no way the Corriere pulls a stunt and simply distorts Benedict’s words like they are the CNN. It is also unthinkable that the man knows that he is misrepresented, and never says a peep. Stop defending him because he is old, or because you love to think this guy is still in charge.

Benedict is either gone, or he is part of the problem. May the Lord have mercy on him when he (pretty soon, judging from the pictures) will stay in front of Him.

Honestly, I would not want to swap my chances with his.

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  1. Jose Rodriguez

    Very accurate analysis of the poor old Benedict, who is certainly a “Francis fanboy”.

  2. J. Ronald Parrish

    I wonder if he could actually be “a prisoner in the sodomite, apostate Vatican “ and being fed only the news from Bergolio and others that is actually Catholic. Due to the paucity of Catholic statements, I realized this might take some doing, but we are dealing with clever, although very evil, people. I am probably just hanging onto a thread of hope, as it is difficult to give up on the author of Summorum Potificum.

    • You know yourself that you are bending yourself like a contortionist, trying to make sense of a Benedict you think was orthodox.
      He was never really orthodox.
      This is the real him, and is merely the continuation of the Ratzinger we have always known.

      Stop being Jojo Rabbit with his imaginary Hitler. Your imaginary Ratzinger never existed.

  3. Biden “I am personally against abortion” yet he publicly stands up for the likes of Planned parenthood and promotes every type of abortion on demand you can imagine isn’t demented…he has been doing this for decades. He is diabolical. God bless~

  4. Hi M. Louie Verrechio at AKA Catholic has an intriguing take on this interview. In this age of fake news I agree with Louie that the machinations of the Vatican have allowed for a very controlled message to emerge. Did an interview even take place?? There is no photographic evidence that it did. And note that the Democrat/Great Reset talking points were on full display!: Joe Biden is a good Catholic man and is indeed “personally against abortion”, so his pro abortion acts are morally consistent. The vaccines are good—get two! Even Ol’ Pope Benedict, who reads four newspapers a day, and most certainly knows Joe Biden appointed a transsexual to a high position in his cabinet, says Joe’s stance on gender is evolving. He’ll soon be fully on board!

    Yep, this fake interview is the vehicle whereby the Bergoglian-run Vatican gets the faithful to understand that even Pope emeritus Benedict who will soon be dead fully endorses the Great Reset.

    • No, I read him and I think that Verrecchio has it all wrong.
      He thinks that the Corriere is the CNN, but it isn’t.
      Also, this is not a new Benedict suddenly in tune with Francis. Benedict has always been in tune with Francis. This is nothing new. It is merely hard to swallow if you think that Benedict is the (only) Pope.

  5. I don’t know how many times it must be emphasized and repeated. Thank you for emphasizing and repeating it: Benedict is either gone or he is part of the problem. May the good God have mercy on him.

  6. Joseph D'hippolito

    He’s always been part of the problem. His conservative reputation was over-stated and over-rated. At heart, he’s an academic who’s more at home with arcane theology than with the fundamentals of the faith. He’s also not a leader; never has been. He was woefully miscast as Pope. Of course, at the time, he was elected because he was the only reasonable alternative to JPII, who cast such a giant shadow that nobody could have filled it. But he would have been far more at home as a university professor or rector in his native Germany than in any capacity at the Vatican.

    • I think Benedict was perfect as pope—dignified, warm, erudite. Did you ever see the incredible photos of him almost rubbing noses with a young, beautiful black woman? They were candid shots, artfully rendered. The plaza was filled with Faithful every time he stepped on the balcony—savoring every syllable he spoke. And oh, he loved being pope as evidenced by his red shoes, ermine stole and wonderful hats. You were not paying attention!
      He was a man of profound wisdom who knew the power of symbolism. Can you even wrap your head around a German pope who was in the Hitler Youth laying a wreath at Auschwitz? A rainbow came out just as he did that!
      I’m frankly repulsed at the disparaging of Pope Benedict. His papacy was by no means perfect but the holy radiance of those years was unparalleled with those of us with eyes to see. My God, he taught that the SSPX was not in schism. That’s huge! After the tiresome, cringeworthy, showmanship antics of the Polish Pope papacy Benedict was a beautiful salve.
      And I do not believe for a minute he got the Deathvaxx, distilled from unborn children. I believe a man as holy as Benedict is not afraid of death.

    • He was the guy who invited heathens in Assisi just as JP II did. He was the guy who made countless horrible appointments to Bishop and Cardinal. He was the guy so weak, so ineffectual, that his Butler felt the duty to blow the whistle on him. He was the guy who wanted to look good with SP and never had the spine to enforce it. A very weak man, happy with gestures that do not cost any major conflict, and happy to retreat every flaming time otherwise.
      In other words, he was a coward. Much better than Francis, but still a coward. Now , always because of his being a coward, he is every bit his accomplice.

    • I don’t think he is afraid of death. He has already said he expects paradise (go figure). I think he is afraid of conflict as long as he lives.

  7. I think Benedict forgot to mention the Self excommunicated, “Catholic” Biden bit, in accordance with the teaching of the Church, on those who publically support abortion. The mind boggles, or else it doesn’t, as this is typical of the modernism that has attacked the Church, especially since Vat II. I can’t help it, I wish both popes would go to their eternal reward. Though, there is no guarantee we would end up with a faithful pope in the next conclave. I guess, it is all in God’s hands and how prepared we are to abandon ourselves on the cross of Christ for the complete will of God to be complete in us.
    Our Lady of Sorrows, Pray for us!

  8. “…ashamed and dignified silence…” Perfect turn of phrase.

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