Little Women, Revisited

Gosh, does anyone read those endless blog posts of Catholic bloggers talking about themselves? Heavens, it makes them look like characters from Louisa May Alcott, or like teenage girls writing a diary; only, most teenage girls have the decency to keep the diary for themselves!

I have been writing this blog for ten and a half year, and no one knows what I do as a job, what great graces I had in life, what challenges I had to go through and what suffering I have suffered, “how I feel right now”, how the people who write bad stuff about me “make me feel” (hint: I don’t give a Creepy Joe) and all that stuff. The most I do is stuff like informing my readers that, say, I will write less about Francis because I don’t want to get a cancer, or that I blog because I think that the Blessed Virgin watches, and approves.

But in the end, and very simply, it is not about me.

In the great scheme of things, we are insignificant. The most we can aspire to, is to be the Blessed Virgin’s warrior ants. I don’t know you, but I was never very curious about the inner life of a warrior ant, or desirous of being subject to the ant going on and on about itself. Go on with the attack to the termite nest and shut up, please.

It’s not about us. It’s that we love the Church, the Church is being attacked (from inside every bit as from outside) and we try to do our best because, one day, we will have to do our redde rationem, and we think that Catholic engagement (as a blogger, a commenter, or a reader) is a better investment in that regard than, say, videogames. But let me tell you this: if the Church were now in the shape it was under Pius XII, I would play videogames.

I also do not see (nor would I allow it to happen) commenters on my blog going on and on about themselves. They write because there are issues, pertaining the Church, about which they want to give a contribution. Do they hope to have a reward for their engagement? I certainly hope they do. Do they make it about themselves? Most certainly not.

I suggest that those who like to write about themselves apply for a job in some women’s magazines.

Or, alternatively, go on with their life like real men do.

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  1. It also amazes me how certain Catholic bloggers expose personal details about their lives, their travels, what they’re reading, watching, eating and drinking, then complain about Big Evil Tech snooping on them, and stealing their personal data.

    • Ha!
      If you ask me, it shows one trait common to all of them: vanity and self validation.
      I once read a blogger saying “all that work, and only XY view! Why do I do it, I wonder?” You do it because it’s not about you, is the answer.

  2. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    It’s the cult of feeling. I saw a video recently of spiky-hair, tattooed young woman saying the only things that are real are feelings. Talk about living in a virtual reality! Many young people like her expect everyone to “validate their feelings.” Well…feelings are feelings and they can be valuable when they help us to express compassion for others, but they better be under the control of reason. If you FEEL so angry you want to kill someone, you better restrain that feeling.

  3. I get your point. I feel there’s some real angst there. Some true innermost conflicts. There is family involved, children. Such turmoil is hard to watch, sometimes people struggle so much they don’t make it out of it and things happen. Sad and heartbreaking things. I’m concerned. It seems real enough. I hope the family gets some support going.

  4. I agree, women should not vote. However, if that came to pass, I bet all the trannies would cease hormone therapy at once.

  5. Christine Lynch

    Are all you guys serious? Women shouldn’t have the vote? Women very often cope by communicating and sharing their problems. Men cope by watching football etc…. Of course everything depends on the content of the blog. I read one by an English mother (a traditional Catholic) who discusses her daily problems and discussing the joys and problems of being a Catholic mother in these difficult times. Her discussions seem to help both men and women.

    • These guys (and gals) are serious, because they are smart, and Catholic.
      It’s not how women cope. It’s how easily you can manipulate them with emotional appeals. Abortion must be allowed “because coat hangers”. Trump is bad because “children in cages”. Illegals must be allowed in Europe because of pictures of a dead child on the beach. Politics has become a chasing for emotions, and the more and more effeminate men (which is the product of this environment) are unable to understand what is happening.
      For a man (generally speaking, of course), right is right and wrong is wrong.
      He doesn’t change his mind because he sees a picture.
      Women would be better served, and better protected, and more free to be women, and be surrounded by *better men*, if voting rights were left to men.

  6. Christine Lynch

    You may as well say men shouldn’t vote because grown men will cry simply because a football has been kicked between 2 posts. Completely irrational yet somehow men are still allowed to vote?

  7. Christine Lynch

    Lol! Checkmate.

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