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Francis’ Torturers

Have you ever been tortured by your confessor? Me neither.

Alas, the Evil Clown disagrees. He is so worried about torturer priests that, in his clownish “intentions” for March (committed to a video, because humbleness), he prays that those who go to Confession may not find them.

Boy, he must think that the problem is quite big!

Being somewhat cynical, and persuaded that Francis is a scoundrel either willingly (if he is a Satanist, which at this point I emphatically refuse to exclude) or unwittingly (if he is, as much more likely, the garden variety of Church-hating atheist) manipulated by Satan, I think I know what it’s going on here.

In my opinion, Frankie The Pachamama Boy is very angry at those priests who refuse to hear the confession of concubines.

You will say that this is just as it should be. But you see, you think like a Catholic, Francis doesn’t! The only Catholic things he has in himself are the job and the title. For the rest, he lives in a Catholic-free space; a space where you are afraid that your confessors may be…. torturers! Oh, the cruelty!!!

Another hypothesis, albeit less likely, is that Pachamama Guy considers torturers those confessors who refuse absolution to the faithful, because they see no repentance. Why do I say this? Firstly, because Francis lives in a Catholic-free space; and secondly because, once again, he appears – from what I can read; I don’t inflict on myself a video of the guy – to fail to stress that it is exactly repentance which, via God’s Mercy, opens the gates of absolution.

In the Catholicism-free space in which Francis lives, I have noticed this often: this idea of unconditional remission of everything, because (and I quote the guy) I have sinned “and I will sin again”. In Frankie’s Circus, you don’t need to do anything you don’t want to, and God just forgives you, because Mercy. Well, if this is the rubbish he thinks, I am not surprised of the rubbish he talks.

So, another month has started, and the Evil Clown has found another way to insult proper Catholics, and his very own priests at that.

What a sad way to approach his own judgment.

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