Every Little Helps, Or: Three Cheers For Arkansas

The great state of Arkansas has sent to the Governor a bill banning abortion, including the cases of rape and incest.

You may say that this is just an exercise in futility before the cowards at the Supreme Court strike this off. However, I think that it is important that such bills are approved and make headlines.

Firstly, the approval of such bills by appointed representatives of the people would, if carried out in many States, put pressure on the above mentioned cowards, and we know now how easy it is to pressure most of them.

Secondly, the bill helps to get rid of those stupidly emotional “rape and incest exceptions”. As if a baby could lose his right to live merely because of the circumstances that caused his life to be, well, an innocent human life. This is a self-defeating, contradictory, utterly illogical position, probably created to win votes among the emotionally challenged but, in the end, denying the premise: if it is wrong to kill an innocent baby in his mother’s womb, no rape or incest will ever make it right.

If the example of Arkansas is followed in many more States, the debate will take different contours. We will not have useless yesmen (and yeswomen. Talking to you, Coney-Barrett) at the Supreme Court. In God’s good times, we will have the right people, and it is wise to start paving the way for when they come.

I know, not one little, innocent life will be directly saved by this bill. But we will never now how many women decide not to abort their child because of initiatives like this one.

As a famous slogan in the UK goes, “every little helps”.

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  1. Yes Mundabor.
    Indeed. If we all just keep doing our own little things for which we are called to do.

  2. Patrick Walsh

    TS Eliot in “Chorus from the Rock” referring to the crusades wrote, ” But our King did well at Acre.”

  3. I wonder if the next little thing might be to simply ignore appellate courts’ rulings. Even now, Texas is sending its National Guard to the border with Mexico. This should be interesting. We should find out soon how much subsidiarity the states can get away with.

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