Deja Vu All Over Again: Meghan Against The Queen

We are on your side, Ma’am..

You remember Diana, don’t you?

The biggest piece of hypocrite bitch ever appeared on media planet. Always ready for a charity photo-op before an important divorce court appearance. Constantly playing victim. “Wanted to commit suicide”. Tried to anger the Queen and the Palace in every way she could. Slutted it out (from, what, week 5?) because “depression”. Played rebel but was so attached to the royal title. Accused them all of “racism” because they didn’t like that she was giving scandal with her Brown Sugar Lover. But she was so, so good…

Fast forward 25 years later, and it’s deja vu all over again.

Victim attitude? Check

Wants to anger the Queen at all cost? Check

“Thought about suicide”? Check

Accusation of racism? Double check!

Allegedly nasty, oppressive environment who made her world famous? Check

Idiot for a husband? Triple check!

What this woman is doing is beyond despicable. It’s a toxic mixture of all that made Diana so hateful, plus the woke ideology which is, in fact, hate in action all the time.

I must also say that I never knew, until a long time after the marriage, that Merkle is not White. She looks, in fact, White enough to me, but hey….

But no, the race card must be played all the time, even when you are a B-list actress who won the lottery, in the form of a poor, mentally challenged boy who just isn’t smart enough to know what is good for him. At least he wasn’t cuckolded, as far as we know.

The news of the day is, though, the Big R bomb: look, look!! Some members of the family were (sob) worried ab (sob) about the skin colour of her sons! How dare you… Philip!! Or perhaps… perhaps… is it possible that the unthinkable…




She doesn’t say. Mentally challenged guy dutifully confirms. We all cry. It should remain in the air. The One Who Shall Not Be Named should be tainted. Because Meghan hates her. Just as she hates everybody.

I never liked the Queen so much. Today, the rosary is for her.

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  1. Oprah saves her compassion for other toffs.

  2. What a sad replay. I guess Merkel thinks it worked well enough for her deceased mother-in-law; ‘why not give it another run’. I am also sorry for the queen. Anyone would be devastated to be mistreated so cruelly by first a son (& his spouse), and then a grandson (& spouse), without even a nod to the fact that HRH is paying the bills. I will remember her in my rosary today as well.

  3. I only hope the people of GB forgive us for sending them another tart to cause trouble for the Royal Family. I’m embarrassed. I thought little of this one once I heard she had solicited a friend to introduce her to a well to do Brit. Well, she landed one. Chances are she knew quite well which Brit the friend would introduce her to. Cunning is a girlish trait, I hate to admit, developed more in some than others. I also wonder at the whining about security for her babe. Isn’t that something they found they had to pay for and didn’t want to? It adds up to quite a bit, perhaps by going public, she believes this will force the hand of the Queen to pay for security, lest she be accused of the now ever-present “racism”.
    Now she reveals the 49 million dollar wedding that the Brits paid for was a sham. They were already married. There are problems with that and should be.
    She has torn a man away from his heritage and birthright, separated him from his family, and done so in as ugly a manner as is possible. He doesn’t look like he stood a chance.

    • I blame Harry. He should have known all about gold diggers by the age of seven. He is just a very dumb beta boy carried around by his dominant feminist bitch consort. An embarrassment to his family and Country.

  4. We have no way of knowing what the truth is here.. personally, I can’t imagine Megan deliberately taking on the who British public like this if some of it were not true, she is not that stupid and as for Harry, he has not been happy in the royal family well before he met Megan..
    Many who have known her for years, say that she is a lovely woman that she is kind, caring and loving, so lets just take a step back here and wonder if it is the media at it again.. lies and more lies…

    • Many people say the same of Biden.
      At some point, one will have to switch his brains on.
      Plus, the woman is woke and plays the race card all the time. There’s nothing nice or caring in that.

  5. Katherine Ferguson

    Meghan is lying. Claims she never “googled” Harry or knew anything about him, yet wore Diana’s favorite perfume on their first date. Her claim that she didn’t know she had to curtsey to HM the Queen – in private – smacks of wounded ego (you mean I’m not the star here? I have to play second (or third, or fourth) fiddle to this old lady ALWAYS?).

  6. Evidently, from the Oprah interview, Meghan and Harry expressed how they felt about someone in the Royal Family expressing concern as to how dark Archie’s skin might be (before he was born). I can see being annoyed by this, but if this is what caused Meghan to get depressed and suicidal, then she’s WAY too sensitive. Of course the Royal family are going to be concerned about what baby Archie looks like. They’re the Royal Family!
    Turned out that he’s as white as white can be, but Meghan could have forgiven whoever expressed the concern in the first place. That would have been the mature thing to do.
    I think that probably millions of people were also wondering if Archie was going to bear any African traits. That’s human nature to wonder about such things, especially with public figures.

  7. Well, I have two extended family members who are are not White (related by marriage), and they are way too overly sensitive about race, to the point where the family has to be careful about what they say in their presence. One is extremely bitter about the racism he has experienced, to the point of becoming an alcoholic.

    The race thing can make people crazy if they let it do so. Not having a sound religious belief only adds to the problem. I doubt that Meghan and Harry have any real religious belief. Sad that that cute kid (Archie) is going to be raised by woketards.

    • Sad.
      So sad.
      However, One does not become an alcoholic because he “experiences racism”.
      One becomes an alcoholic, and then chooses racism as an excuse. This was, hey, it’s not his fault.

  8. Never said it wasn’t his fault. Of course it’s his fault. People make stupid decisions all the time. With no religious belief, one can become bitter and resentful; they don’t realize that God calls us to bear, with patience and humility, any difficulty that comes along.

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