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Flirting With Heresy.

One of the most distinctive, immediate traits of a sincere Catholic is, without any doubt, his desire to be orthodox.

A Catholic might, inadvertently,  say something that is not kosher. However, he will always make clear that he is submissive to the Truths the Church has given us, and he will be embrassed at, and ashamed of, any involuntary mistake in that regard.

Why does he do that? Because he knows that Christ comes first. Peace and war, famine and violence, rape and abortion, are all seen under the lens of truth. A truth that may be, at times, not immediately recognised; but that is, at all times, the highest value and first priority.

The consequence of this very obvious trait of every sincere Catholic is elementary: no sincere Catholic would ever tell you that he is willing to risk heresy in the pursuit of some worldly good, like peace, or prosperity, or understanding among the people.

A person – any person! – expressing himself in such a way would clearly show that, for him, Christ is not the first priority, and these worldly and inferior goods – peace, etc – have been made the new God, to which the old one must bow and take second place.

This is so obvious, so intuitive, so deeply embedded in our beautiful sensus catholicus that every illiterate peasant, who takes Christ seriously, unavoidably must think in this way.

We had, very recently, to be informed of another peasant; one who, not being illiterate, is in a much better position than the former to understand the enormity of “risking heresy”. One who, disgracefully, has no qualms at all with the concept, and not only mentions, but boasts of his willingness to risk wounding Christ in the pursuit of his worldly aims. One who, tragically, is pope, and the most atrocious betrayal of the office that can be imagined, short of some burlesque character or aspiring trannie; characters for whom, no doubts, Francis feels more than some symphaty. 

Sad as it is to see a pope behave in this way, I ask you once again to reflect on this: why would God not punish the travesty, the immense joke, the unspeakable, arrogant rebellion  of the Second Vatican Council with a pope, or a succession of popes,  that are just as much of a travesty, just as much of an immense joke, and just as unspeakably rebellious as V II was?

It is, actually, already a fairly mild punishment, compared to nuclear wars, epic devastations, or near life-terminating events on this planet. The circus play currently in play, and led by the Evil Clown, still leaves you free to live in times of unprecedented prosperity, at leisure to cultivate your soul and water it with truth no matter what Francis says!

The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the sons. It could have been another, but worse, World War. If it stops at Francis, our punishment will have been very mild. Alas, it could go on for several generations. But as long as you, my dear reader, can march towards your hoped Salvation in comfort, the arrogance of this peasant should not deprive you of your serenity.

Whenever you read about this guy and your blood pressure rises, take a deep breath and reflect that it is just and fitting that the disfiguration of the Truth should result in the disfiguration of the Church.  Reflect, also, that only this kind of aberrant behaviour will, one day, push the mainstream Catholics to understand the enormity of what they and their ancestors have done, and start to seriously longing for the good old days.

Some might say that never has a bad pope behaved as badly as this one. I reply that never has a rebellion within the Church been as bad as this one! Francis is without precedent, because V II is! Why would God not punish the descendants of those who have defied Him in a fitting way, such as to make them understand the arrogance of theirs, and their ancestors’, thinking?

It all makes perfect sense to me. Go V II, get Francis. Make of the Church a kumbaya circus resounding with guitars, get a clown at the top of the circus. Play with the Sacraments, get a joker to watch over them.

When will this end? When we have been punished enough and, by God’s grace, finally understand, repent, and long to go back to Sanity. Considering the enormity of the V II “spirit”, this could be several generations away; and if you think it absurd, I would posit that the enormity of V II has not been grasped by you yet.

In the meantime, we will have to live with an arrogant boor boasting of his pious flirting with heresy.

It’s that bad.

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