The Self-Imposed Dictatorship Of Fear Is Not The Chicoms’ Fault.

It has been suspected that the Chicom government released the virus on purpose, in order to paralyse the West and wreak havoc in our economies.

I do not think this theory stands up to reality.

The Virus struck in China first. YouTube videos showing people collapsing on the street were making the rounds for weeks before the alarm was sounded. The first doctor who alerted the population was forced to recant. Thus, the virus was left free to spread among the Chinese by the very actions of their own dictatorial Government. No-one shoots himself in the arm hoping that the bullet’s overpenetration hits his enemy.

Also, the Chicoms acted,  when they finally decided to act, in an absolutely brutal, undemocratic, and repressive way: locking everybody at home. These measures were unheard of in peace times in the West. It is fully irrational to think that the Chicoms would paralyse vast parts of their economy in the hope that the West becomes just as illiberal as they are, and does the same.

No. Whilst I have little doubt that this virus went out – through a typical communist regime blunder of the kind that gave us Chernobyl – from a Chicom bacteriological war laboratory, it seems impossible to me that they would predict, or even have a faint hope, that the West would transform in an immense experiment in repression.

The sad reality is, the ravaging of our economies that followed the pandemic is all of our own making. It is, sad as it is to say this, the result of a society who has lost the will to fight against adversity, and seems now prevalently composed of old people scared of a disease, and young people scared of life.

In fact, we need to notice this: the unprecedented curtailing of the most elementary freedom was, in most cases, not imposed on the Western populations. It was, as a whole, enthusiastically accepted and thoroughly invited by them, with even the categories most affected, like pubs and restaurants, jumping on the “caring” bandwagon and exposing their stupid “protect the NHS” flags outside of their own empty, lifeless premises.

This “pandemic” has revealed the great fragility of Western Democracies, where freedom is not valued, provided one gets a fully irrational sense of security. Particularly in Europe, we are growing old, and weary of freedom.

We are also full of atheists: which, in my eyes, goes a long way in explaining the stunning willingness to sacrifice one’s freedoms so that one might be less afraid of death, for now.

But death will, unavoidably, come. It will come for every one of the old people refusing to look at it, and it will come, it is to be feared, for every one of those Democracies who have lost the desire to defend their freedoms, because they have lost the hope of the life to come.

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  1. Jose Rodriguez

    Very, very wise reflection. This is how it has been since the church of Vat II prepared the ground for all people to lose faith in God.

  2. Not their fault, but to their advantage.
    With the WHO in their pocket and traitors like doctorfaucistein and the democrat administration using the “lockdown policy” to cripple the Western powers (and most particularly the USA) it only serves the chicoms.
    I don’t think they necesssarily released it on purpose (I presume they would have waited to distill a more lethal strain) but they aided its spread across the world and initiated the lockdown policy concept even as their money influences its continuation in the USA.

    • Very true that they initiated the concept. But they are a Communist dictatorship. They have started reeducation camps, too.
      If the West imports the concept of the reeducation camps I don’t blame the Chinese for this, I blame the West.

  3. R. Hunter Bidet

    The “democracy” is just a tyranny of the woke, sheepish majority. This collective judgment of moral acts is one of the great maladies of the democratic age.

  4. Ummmnnhhh…..

    You did not consider the possibility that Red China released the virus as an assault on the US to ensure the election of Xiao Bai-den. That’s as good a possibility as is an “accidental” release.

    As to whether the Chinese Communists would/would not kill their own people: perhaps you remember Stalin’s activities in the Ukraine? There has NEVER been a Communist who gives a fig about his own people if killing a million would ensure the dominance of Communism.

  5. But the timing. In an election year, with an American president holding them accountable for the first time and making life difficult for them. He had to go. It had to be known Covid would rock the economy and of course the media and the Democrats will help. Yes the Chinese were sick from it but planes continued to fly into the US and around the world even while they didn’t allow residents of Wuhan to go anywhere within China. Nobody knew that though. I think a half million came out of China at that time, helping seed it around the world as migrants are now on the American southern border. Just when Covid numbers in the US go down and states are opening, Democrats throw open the border to people shown to have Covid, who are released into America. Someone say quick how the government is our friend.

    • I think you get it, Kate.

      As to Biden’s election: “bonkers” we are NOT! The election was stolen, and the exposition of the ways and means hasn’t really begun–particularly the exposition of machine-driven fraud. The mail-in irregularities in Wisconsin were very serious, Pennsylvania’s “legal” frauds were exposed and the Georgia situation is just beginning to become clear.

      Was the fraud assisted by Red China? That will be very, very difficult to prove; cyber-space is near impenetrable with skilled operators. There are rumors of Red Chinese-printed ballots all over Georgia…..perhaps they are true, perhaps the numbers are meaningful. Was Red China the ONLY actor? Far from it–so far as we know at this point in time.

  6. And when it does come (death), we will say, “What have we done?!”

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