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Andrew Cuomo’s Career About To Be Late-term Aborted.

It is Friday afternoon in Europe as I write this, and the calls for Andrew Cuomo’s resignation are increasing by the hour, to the point where it seems that, very soon, no-one will want not to be on record asking that he steps down.

I can’t imagine he will survive this, but the more he resists, the more he damages the party; therefore, and as far as I am concerned, he should sit very tight on his armchair for another day or two, dying the death of thousand cuts.

The Dems are following the usual playbook: the woke agenda. The hypocrisy is stunning because the same rules were not applied to Cigar Bill or to Two-Finger Joe, but it is clear this is a convenient way to get rid of the guy, whilst looking as much woke and as least incompetent as possible.

Cuomo is not only responsible for thousands of deaths, which might or might not be the result of grave negligence, at least initially. More gravely, he has lied to the public and to legislative bodies about the extent of the deaths. This is exactly what the Democrats want you to forget. If they were to go down that road, I can imagine that very unpleasant questions, and very inconvenient truths, would emerge about the dealing of a handful of Democrat Governors, including Governor Wannabe Tranny in Michigan.

Cuomo will, I think, fall. He is now a huge kidney stone in the middle of the already poisonous Democrat organism, and the stone is so big it could soon block the gallbladder. The Dems seem to have decided that they need a flush now, lest things get ugly in 2022. This, obviously, just in case they can’t keep stealing elections forever.

Do I have any sympathy for Cuomo? No. Latest term abortion bastard posing as vaguely Catholic does not deserve any.

Do I think that the accusations are true, in those cases at least in which they would appear grave enough? I don’t care one tiny bit. Provided he’s gone, I am happy.

Do I think that he should be entitled to due process and a fair investigation? Most certainly not, as he himself asked for resignation of people in his exact position in the past.

Am I worried that this is, in the end, another victory for the extreme left, who will try to replace Cuomo with someone worse than him (remember Cynthia Dixon, the dike?)? Actually, no. I hope that the “squad” terminates many other prominent careers inside the party, and that this leads to an internecine war with many, many victims. Liberals kill their own with relish, and prominent Democrats have tried to incorporate the Squad instead of opposing them. Now they will all pay for it, and I hope they pay dearly. Make no mistake, the Squad is now circling around every Pelosi and Schumer of the world, waiting to get rid of them with the right excuse and cowering them to submission in the meantime.

Go away, Andrew, and hope you stay away from jail; which, as you have realised by now, might not be a foregone conclusion. Your career is about to be late-term aborted, and your candidature to the President is officially as dead as Disco.

To think he got an Emmy.

Sic transit gloria mundi, Andy boy.

May Chuck and Nancy follow you very soon.

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