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The Three Minutes Test

Let us play a little mind game.

Let us imagine that an angel would appear to me, in the middle of the night, and would talk to me along the following lines:

“Greetings, Mundabor. You are not dreaming or having hallucinations. I come from above. I have been tasked to tell you that, as per right now, you have three minutes to make a choice between the following two options: the first is that you die now, and you are assured to avoid hell. The second is that you live another 40 years of the happiest and most fulfilled years on this earth, and you are not assured to avoid hell. Kindly choose now, because I have a lot of visits planned for tonight and I am behind schedule aleady. The time starts (takes out a big, heavy, old-style hand chronometre) now“. Tic, toc……

I am not likely to ever receive such a visit. But if I were to, I am fairly sure that I would say to the angel that I am ready to go, and it is so very nice of him to stop by. Then I would go, frankly not caring of how long or painful my purgatory will be, because the certainty of heaven one day is infinitely more important than any duration of purgatory, and infinitely more valuable than any discount I could, in theory but without absolute certainly, have merited in the residual 40 years of life.

What about you, my dear reader? What would you choose? If you say “I would choose the 40 years of happy life, knowing that they would give me a  very solid hope of meriting salvation, something I did not have before the angel showed up anyway”, I would say that you are not setting your priorities straight. The guarantee of the attainment of the Supreme Goal makes any other hoped for, or possible, or even extremely probable achievement (not my case anyway) utterly and completely worthless compared with the risk, no matter how small, of losing everything. This reasoning would, in fact, emit a strong odour of presumption. Still, I can’t avoid thinking that a lot of V II, “heart-in-the-right-place”, “God-is-lurv” “c”atholics would choose the second option, “so they can benefit humanity for 40 years more”; thus showing that to them, hell is a risk barely escaping the realm of the theoretical, and one they can very easily and confidently avoid.

Why, my dear readers, do I tell you all this? Why, firstly, of course, to remind you and myself of the only thing that, in the end, counts in life. Secondly, to remind you of what a blessing it is when we are told that we are about to die. A blessing and privilege, this one, that many generations before us fully appreciated and we, the not-so-smart users of extremely smart phones,  seem to abhor entirely.

The three minute test would, I think, easily separate the Catholics who takes their salvation seriously, from the protestantised ones who think their salvation a factual “given”.

Salvation (or lack of it) is, at the end of everything, the final of the last four things and, therefore, the only thing that makes all the difference.

It is healthy to remind ourselves of this, even if the angel does not show up.


Joe Bidens handlers have botched it once again. The poor (not really), old, demented (really) guy gave an interview yesterday in which he said that Andrew Cuomo should resign if the investigation proves him guilty, but women should be presumed to be telling the truth.

This doesn’t make sense. If women are presumed to be telling the truth, Cuomo should resign now. Actually, if women are presumed to be telling the truth, Dementia Joe should resign, too, then Tara Reade is most certainly a woman.

If, however, Cuomo should get his investigation, then it is clear that women are not automatically believed, not even by woke leftists.

In fact, you should not believe for a second that Biden’s handlers are really so sexist that they think women should be given a different legal position than men in court. No, what Biden’s handlers are saying is that accusations of sexual misconduct will receive the “believe all women ” treatment, or not, according to the party of the accuser and, if a Democrat, his power within the party.

The hypocrisy is staggering, but what is becoming increasingly more clear is that there is no desire to hide it, at all, not even an effort of coherence.

Joe Biden’s and Bill Clinton’s accusing women are not believed, in principle. Brett Kavanaugh’s perhaps accusing woman is believed, in principle. Andrew Cuomo’s accusing women is only believed to the extent that is convenient.

Joe Biden’s handlers really need to get a grip…

But no, wait! I forgot for a moment that they can manipulate elections, unpunished, and stole a Presidency without any consequence.

I begin to understand why they don’t care for even a modicum of coherence, then.

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