Joe Bidens handlers have botched it once again. The poor (not really), old, demented (really) guy gave an interview yesterday in which he said that Andrew Cuomo should resign if the investigation proves him guilty, but women should be presumed to be telling the truth.

This doesn’t make sense. If women are presumed to be telling the truth, Cuomo should resign now. Actually, if women are presumed to be telling the truth, Dementia Joe should resign, too, then Tara Reade is most certainly a woman.

If, however, Cuomo should get his investigation, then it is clear that women are not automatically believed, not even by woke leftists.

In fact, you should not believe for a second that Biden’s handlers are really so sexist that they think women should be given a different legal position than men in court. No, what Biden’s handlers are saying is that accusations of sexual misconduct will receive the “believe all women ” treatment, or not, according to the party of the accuser and, if a Democrat, his power within the party.

The hypocrisy is staggering, but what is becoming increasingly more clear is that there is no desire to hide it, at all, not even an effort of coherence.

Joe Biden’s and Bill Clinton’s accusing women are not believed, in principle. Brett Kavanaugh’s perhaps accusing woman is believed, in principle. Andrew Cuomo’s accusing women is only believed to the extent that is convenient.

Joe Biden’s handlers really need to get a grip…

But no, wait! I forgot for a moment that they can manipulate elections, unpunished, and stole a Presidency without any consequence.

I begin to understand why they don’t care for even a modicum of coherence, then.

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