Fake News

I miss Kayleigh McEnany. Not only was she very easy on the eye, but she had a very agreeable mixture of integrity, competence and assertiveness.

Alas, in the Age Of Dementia we have to do with Msss “circle back” Psaki; who either does not have answers she is supposed to have, or invents facts that aren’t there.

One example, and a very bad one, is here.

Msss Psaki, you don’t put words in the mouth of a Pope that he has not said. Not only is the Pope the head of the biggest religious organisation on this planet, but he is, also, a Head of State. Also interesting: Psaki has put her fake news also in the mouth of Dementia Joe, as she said that “he would say that.. (add here fake news)”. Therefore, even Biden, next time he remembers who is his wife, should be angry at her.

Mss Psaki has some apologising and some explaining to do; and frankly, I wonder whether she should not “circle back” to whatever she was doing before the current job. She might say that, as she has a President that calls the head of a nuclear power a killer – something which, if Trump had said it, would have caused savage calls of 25th amendment and hysterical fear mongering that the guy is dragging us into a nuclear war – her fake news are small change compared with the challenges of dementia. However, I can confidently say that Ms Psaki does not suffer of dementia, and that said dementia cannot be taken as the new bar of acceptable behaviour by White House officials.

We will see if and how the White House correct Ms Psaki. If yes, this will be an embarrassment that they had better not repeat anytime soon. If not, it will be further confirmation that the arrogance of these people really has no boundaries.

However, one compliment I must pay to Msss Psaki: she has managed to make Francis appear even worse than he already is.

This isn’t easy, at all.

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  1. MS-pusaki is nothing more than a mouthpiece for an administration whose entire policy is to hurt the nation in (literally) every way possible. From the economy to the military to the culture and social fabric, creating weakness, chaos and destruction. What can she possibly say to justify any of this other than lies and misdirection?
    IN this particular case she doesn’t even come close to an answer to the question, avoiding the question completely. As if the pope and his expert scientific staff, as well as his taking the ‘shot’ (it isn’t a vaccine) itself, conferred legitimacy through action rather than moral authority.
    (HAving largely abdicated any semblance of such authority through his past behavior) pope-frankiethesnake, in taking the shot, committed a morally questionable act and besides has never spoken to (or even considered) the moral aspects of this mass experiment.
    A “VAccine” confers immunity to a disease.
    YOU can’t get it, you can’t have it, you can’t give it.
    THIS “vaccination” does none of those things.
    IT isn’t advertised to do any of those things.
    IT is an experimental gene therapy that healthcare professionals privately disparage.

    • These treatments are immoral. Each dose contains a few microns of the “host” (aborted child). If you take the “jab” you are trafficking in another’s body parts no matter how remote the abortion. Forget remote cooperation—the sin is propagated in real time. Aborted, live children are also used in “vaccine” testing as well. A few Catholic bishops have called the vaccines “cannibalistic”.

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