Joe Biden Has A new Job

Joe’s new vocation…

Vladimir Putin has just used Biden as a mop, has thoroughly cleaned the floor with him, then he has returned him to his place. I think this might be the beginning of a new, very promising career for Joe.

Putin’s brilliant game (offering Dementia Joe to have a live discussion on TV) is ideal to both defuse the tension and point out what we all know: the old, demented guy can’t have a live conversation with anyone unless he is prepared for weeks and drugged up to his eyeballs. Putin, always good for a joke, says he would like to have the conversation “before going to the taiga this weekend”. Oh boy…

Unsurprisingly, Biden’s handlers have refused the generous offer. I thought that the “corn pop” story had showed us what a though, though man this Biden is. Surely, he will not have any problem in facing a “killer” from the safety of his own office?

Er, no.

The problem is, you would have to talk. You would actually have to say things that make sense. You would have to say them so that you are understood. You would not have a teleprompter from which to (try to) read. It’s a serious obstacle for the man.

Putin hasn’t said himself that the man is, well, gone. However, he has had the leader of the biggest pro-Putin party say exactly that. This is glorious. A big party leader stating that the president of the US has dementia should make some waves. I am sure the White House will deny the … the… fact?

Biden wanted to be President. He wanted to be President knowing that he wasn’t fit, and that an army of people would be busy with rigging the elections so he makes it anyway. He will now have to live a life of humiliations until such time as he becomes such an embarrassment that his own party disposes of him in an environmentally friendly way.

I have no compassion for the man. Thief, cheater, sellout, outright bastard. He deserves his son, and the Democrats deserve him.

I hope they will have their fun, too.

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  1. What a beautiful but humiliating bit of chess strategy. I don’t have cable currently and missed that story. This presidency has really started off like a blockbuster movie. We don’t know what the president will do next, but there will definitely be a blunder involved in some way or other. If it weren’t for all of the abortions and border wall nonsense (and the possible end of civilization as we know it), we could just sit back and enjoy the show.

  2. Yes, jojothemonkeyboy wanted, badly wanted, to be president.
    But he has taken to calling camela-herass “president herass.”
    He doesn’t necessarily know that he is the president (even though he failed to win the office) and oft-times forgot he was in the running for it during the Fall of last year.
    Elderly people with rapidly advancing dementia often no longer know who or where, much less what they are and his difficulty in boarding his own private plane gives further reason for concern.
    Is he humilated? No! Not if he can’t remember the humiliating experience.
    This is exactly what the people who gave jojo the presidency want. An incapable, morally bereft dunce of a figurehead to sign the executive orders they create to destroy the USA.

  3. Perhaps his handlers should not allow him to call other leaders killers.
    Every single day is like Groundhog Day in hell in these United States.

  4. In this day and year of St Joseph, a Catholic man named after that saint is humiliated by a simple flight of stairs and ends up on his knees. He happens to be playing the rôle of President of the United States. He has crowned a lifelong string of mishaps and gaffes with that disgraceful show.

  5. The Flying Tigers AVG

    It was never about “Dementia Joe” Biden being President for anything more than a year. He was the safe, vanilla-white-guy Democrat those who hated Trump could vote for, but for whom a true socialist ‘red-diaper-baby’ radical like Kamala Harris was a bridge too far. The Democrat agenda has been to edge him out of office via the 25th Amendment with as much ‘dignity’ as his handlers could muster, (for the ‘good’ of the country, dontcha know).

    Then in comes Kamala Harris, who will promptly kneel down when CCP leader Xi Jinping enters the room.

  6. This go around with Putin is actually quite poetic. Beautiful, really. this kind of thing just can’t be scripted or made up. However, as much as Biden wanted to be President, more so the people behind him, aka the Democrats and whoever is behind the Democrats, wanted him to be President. This is their man. So much to be proud of and look up to. We all know that he’s not going to last in that office very long and soon their gal will be number one. It is also embarrassing and yet beautiful and how truth is revealed, there’s no way of keeping it down.

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