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Decency Vs Democrats

I do not think that the shooting in Boulder will have any real effect on American freedoms. However, I think that there was one man very happy to hear the news: Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo’s play was clear enough: resist on his chair until the news cycle directs the attention of the many Libtards of the Country towards another topic triggering them, then keep a low profile until said Libtards get tired of virtue signalling with him.

It has worked up to now, and it may well work as a whole. Democrats are, intrinsically, hypocrites wanting to be seen as good by other hypocrites. They don’t care for decency, coherency, or common sense.

Everything can still change, of course. But, realistically, Cuomo has weathered the worst of the storm, and it seems difficult to see what kind of event will sink a ship that has resisted up to now.

The moral of the story for decent Americans: if you are a powerful Democrat you can cause the death of thousand innocent old people, lie about it, conceal and manipulate the evidence that you have lied, threaten those who want to expose your lie, and engage in behaviour towards women that would cause the liberal to demand the crucifixion of every conservative politician, and get away with it.

Democrats are a party now exclusively based on power with every means, including massive election fraud and open lies. They do not even care anymore that they are seen by everybody as the whitened sepulchres they are. They will bark louder about equity and happily keep abusing their fraudulently obtained power.

Remember Cuomo, dear readers, and use him to promote decency everytime you can.

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