The Widow, The Orphans, And The Murderer

A man goes on a mad rampage in Boulder, Colorado, and kills ten people. One of them, a policeman who died trying to protect the public. A Catholic, and father of seven. This is seven orphans and a widow now, in addition to all the other suffering the man has inflicted.

The Catholic father of seven, and all the other victims, have died. The mass murderer will live a long life, surrounded by the care of social workers, keeping the right to see people, likely to “see” women (mass murderers never have scarcity of women wanting to sleep with them; don’t ask…) , and rant at pleasure against racism or inequality if he wants to.

This man should be hanged. 

When you have freed yourself from all the debris that political correctness and institutional do-goodism have deposited in your brain, you will see that capital punishment makes deep sense, that it is just right; you will, instinctively, see it as the natural, obvious, common sense punishment for murder.

Then you will remember that this is, in fact, what the Church has always believed,  and what she has practised at all times as long as the times were, well, Chrstian.

God will, in His own time, establish perfect Justice. But this does not mean that we should not call for justice on this earth. The hurt for what has happened in Boulder is exacerbated,  in all right-thinking minds, by the institutional, built-in injustice created by the rampant do-goodism of these godless times.

Pray for the father, for the widow and for the orphans, and, in your charity, help them I  you can.

But also pray for a world where real Christian principles, and not their sugary deformations propagated by the enemies o Christ, are followed and lived.

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  1. The “authorities” are baffled over what could have motivated an angry muzzle’em man to murder ten (white) Americans (five men, five women) at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado.

    On the other hand a (white) man who murdered eight people, six of them Asian sex-slave/workers at massage parlors, and who clearly stated that his motive was sexual-addiction, has been accused of having committed a race-based “hate-crime.”

    This isn’t a ‘what’s wrong with this picture’ situation. This picture is a horrible satire of what the elites are doing to tear the culture and society apart. Another 1984/Brave New World moment in which reality is turned upside-down to inflame hatred and fracture.

    (The actual 150% increase “headline” in hate-crimes against Asians, mostly by young black males, is represented by 2019 at 49 incidents, the 2020 increase in incidents was to 122. This 73 increase nationwide is consistent with the overall increase in crimes against persons seen on the streets of major cities.)

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