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Pope Francis, The Pervert And The Closet

The Evil Clown has appointed an openly homosexual man to the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors.

Read that again, slowly, and please recite the Prayer to St Michael the Archangel.

The evil of this is a double whammy: the only he appoints an openly pervert man to an official position, he does so with an office that involves minors. And no, having been abused as a child is no excuse for homosexuality; not ever, most certainly not when the guy in question defends his perversion.

I have the adrenaline pumping so high right now that I will have to keep this post short. But one question I would like to pose: how long before Francis comes out as a homo himself? And will he give a blessing to himself after it?

You may say that this is the appeaser reaction to the CDF’s decision concerning these people. It might be true and a tribute to PC might be all (atrociously much anyway) that there is to it. Still, we all know how much these deviant people are attached to their own depravity. Could, therefore, not be that Francis had a homo-induced emotional reaction himself? Is that so remote a possibility? What would a homosexual pope do differently than what this man is doing?

Francis can’t die a day too soon, and that day will be a day of thanksgiving and, as much as readonably possible, hope.

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