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Let’s Be Strong About Facts

Repeat with me: this.is.a.man

You may think that the antics at the Vatican are the greatest danger of our time. For many people, it will certainly be so, at least for now.

However, for many others, particularly in Anglo-Saxon Countries, the greatest danger isn’t what a pope who may, or may not, be a pervert tries to do against Christianity. It is what countless teachers and professors are doing every day to obliterate Christianity from their own Country and from the public discourse in general.

Look no further than here. In the Country of the First Amendment, a university tried to force own of its own professor to kowtow to the mantras of gender madness, or risk losing his job. Dr Meriwether was protected, for now. How long this goes on is, at least in Anglo-Saxon Countries, anyone’s guess.

I said countless times and repeat it here again: we can’t win this by being nice, or “sensitive”.

When I see that even right-wing publications like Breitbart use wrong words, like “gay”, or refer to trannies according to their imaginary sex, I know that this is going to be a very difficult battle. We need to say things out loud, and to demand that others who share our values do the same.

Actually, I remember reading an article from a right-wing publication (can’t remember if it was “Breitbart”) about that trannie from Pennsylvania that Biden got into his administration, without even being informed that that monstrous woman looking like a trannie was, in fact, exactly that! So, let that sink in: even a right-wing publication had some editor considering it not prudent to actually put on ink that the man in question was a man posing as a woman!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why we keep fighting a rearward battle.

Whenever you read an article from a “conservative” outlet giving in to some mantra of gender theory or PC, please use the comment box to correct it immediately.

You will be read by hundreds.

It does have an effect.

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