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Death Grips

I am a Catholic. I believe all that the Church believes, and I profess all that the Church professes.

It is not even about me trying to find a way, or some mental artifice , through which I can persuade myself that Church teaching can be reconciled with what I believe. If the Church believes it, I do. If she doesn’t, I don’t. There is no need for any compromise, adjustment, or reconciliation.

I know that there can never be a true conflict between the Depositum Fidei and my conscience or ethical values. If this is the case, it is a sure indication that I need to conform my values to the ones of the Church, because what the Church has always and consistently taught is true, and I am the one who needs to get in line with said truth.

Therefore, it can not be said that the Church has a death grip on my mind, much less that I need to wrestle free of it. To state something as impious as this means to, ipso facto, state the allegiance to a truth and a system of values not in line with those of the Church and, therefore, of Christ.

Or put it in this way: my mind and my thinking have merit only inasmuch as they conform to the teaching of the Church. Outside of that, they harbour rebellion. Therefore, I can only hope, and I sincerely wish to everyone, that the Church will keep a solid grip on my mind until, and including, the moment of my death.

The devil is always at work, you know. He wants us to persuade ourselves that we need to wrestle our minds free from the Church’s “death grip”; that we are better; that the Church oppresses us, or humanity at large.

O Lord, please allow me to die – even if it is now – without such thoughts even crossing my mind.

I wish to live, and die, in your loving grip, which the Church so beautifully expresses.

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