Daily Archives: March 31, 2021

Meet Pope Very Possibly Pervert

Being a pervert is perversion, Frankie….

I really shouldn’t be doing this at my age. To wake up in the morning and discover that the Evil Clown is now on record with saying that “Clericalism is a perversion” really ruins my breakfast and disrupts my digestive function.

The issues are, indeed, very grave. Homosexuality IS a perversion, whilst Clericalism is simply a matter of bad behaviour in different gradations.

Once again, we see the usual cheap trick of this mentally challenged old, lewd man: the usual variation of “this is that”, made to downplay an issue and direct the attention away from it.

Now, let us look at reality in the face here: who would, and he a Pope, try to downplay and normalise perversion, unless he is not a pervert himself?

With all his stunts and alleged shows of wit, this disgusting old man is showing more and more, every day, what his inclinations are.

Pervert is who pervert does, Frankie.

The only people you are fooling are the ones who are fools, or more than fools, like you.

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