The Carabinieri Raid That Wasn’t

I know what you’re thinking…

*******************APRIL’S FOOL*************

I am awaiting, like everyone else, more details on the story. However, it appears that the Italian edition of the Corriere della Sera had news about a Carabinieri raid in a so-called “sauna” just outside of the Vatican. The news previously reported (I could read the article myself, yesterday night before going to sleep; the article has now disappeared) clearly mentioned the arrest of several high-ranking officers of a “Foreign Entity”, among them the one of an 84 years old Argentinian Citizen whose domicile was given, rather revealingly about the “Foreign Entity”, as the Casa Santa Marta.

All information now gone. Nothing in the Corriere’s English version. All other Italian outlets also silent.

I smell a rata here.

The article in Italian I have read (but, foolishly, did not save; I must have had some confidence in journalistic integrity!) mentioned the arrest in connection with (IIRC) massive quantities of cocaine, illegal immigrants used as male strippers, and a disquieting collection of huge dildos made available for rent to the “patrons” of the “establishment”.

I do not want to make accusations before all facts are known.

However, I wonder how many 84 years old Argentinian Citizens are living in the Casa Santa Marta right now.

I know what you’re thinking.

But, perhaps, a friend of the same age? It’s possible, but he would have to be a priest; a priest, presumably, still active at 84. Possible, yes. But, difficult. Or someone whom “our guy” keeps in the Casa Santa Marta even if he is not a priest. Also possible. But then again, if the mysterious Argentinian had been just a friend, would the article have been made to disappear so rapidly?

We have preguntas that need respuestas here.

I don’t want to say anything more. For now. But I know what you’re thinking.

I am not really shocked; but, let me be clear here….

neither are you.

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  1. dear Mundabor, I’ve been reading your blog for some years and I am glad to see the world is waking to what we argentines knew for years, Bergoglio’s private life has always been the talk of the town with many scandals and rumors that would make any decent person blush, we all know about his friendly nearness to openly homosexual men and prominent homosexual activist and we all have heard about who might have been his… partners to put it mildly, I am glad you are finally seeing this dirty old man as what he is, a minion of Satan that sank the argentine Church and is now trying to destroy the Vatican itself.

  2. We all know the “holy” father has a “special love” for immigrants.

  3. R. Bernonensis

    Good one!

  4. Yikes. I believed it for five minutes. Even told my hubby about it. Not good. You’re very good, you rascal. .

  5. albemarlefarm

    Haha! April Fools!
    I’ll never forget the year you convinced us you had fallen in love with a divorcée! We were devastated!

  6. Hi, M. It seems too good to be true. Was the report, by any chance, dated 1 April?

  7. Daniel P. Furey

    I wish it wasn’t April Fool’s Day.

  8. The next sound you will hear is somebody counting out some cash.

  9. I cannot believe I fell for it! I read your post after my little grandson brought me a plastic snake folded in my mail, so I knew what day it was! It just shows that the story was at least a little believable, or some people are very gullible. 😉
    Happy Easter!

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