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Meet The First Non-Lady

For four years, Melania Trump graced the world with her beauty and class. She has been, from the start to the end, an exemplary representative of that exclusive breed, the First Lady (we will soon have a First Male Lady; but this is for later…). The attempt to smear her with a sneaky phone recording backfired miserably. People do recognise class.

Alas, all that is gone.

Jill Biden, First lady by virtue of clear voter fraud, should have never seen the White House again unless in postcards or documentaries. Alas, she now gets to embarrass everyone.

The comparison with the vulgar singer who wants to be called “madonna” (small M, just to be clear) is very apposite, because the level of vulgarity and sheer desire to be transgressive at their age (“madonna” is in her Sixties, Grandma Jill is almost Seventy!) clearly shows.

Once again, and as I have done very often in the past, I see in this both a sign of changing times and a warning from above.

I am pretty sure that, in the past history of the United States, there has been the one or other First lady who wasn’t so much of a lady. However, a basic sense of decency, respect for the office, and general fear of the Lord would prevent any of these women from giving such a public show of poor taste, with a strong hint of sluttishness (or desire to appear such; because, nowadays, “transgression” is all), as the First Non-Lady just did.

The loss of Christian values will show everywhere: then the Lord, in His Goodness, does not allow the Christian feelings to be dimmed without all sorts of visual warnings showing up. Tattoos, blue hair, nose rings and, of course, general “transgressive” clothing have all one thing in common: the desire to defy the traditional, God-given, God-willed order.

This is particularly evident to people like me; who, having grown up in a different, and saner, cultural environment, must now watch a sort of two-, or two and a half-, generational “jump” from a still Christian society to one where the only sin is… trying not to sin.

I don’t need to tell you how the female looks in that dress. At 69, it is a sad, sad spectacle, both for the person and the office.

But then again, these are the people who stole a Presidency. As in the case of tattoos or blue hairs, God is warning us, with visual signs, that something foul is afoot.

This is, by the way, the mother of a drug-addict who slept with his own sister-in-law and is rumoured to have molested the latter’s daughter.

It looks like that apple did not fall far from the tree, at all.

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