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Beware The Soy Tsunami

Church Militant has an interview to Archbishop Vigano’, dealing, inter alia, with an issue that is very near to me: the collective madness engendered by the Chinese Virus and the sacrifice of common sense and elementary freedoms that it caused.

It is true: power, by its nature, seeks to enlarge itself and become tyrannical. But in this case and, at least, looking at Europe, it seems evident that the tyranny was bottom-driven, and many Government simply gave to their citizen the tyranny they – and the media amplifying their message – were asking for.

People I always knew as sensible suddenly were ok with being put on indefinite house arrest. Collectively speaking, it was shocking, to me, to see entire Countries ask for North Korea, and countless businesses embrace the shutdown of their own activities. Madness developed in a sort of mad hivemind, constantly reinforced by media riding the news for all it was worth and, so to speak, hyping the very hype that was going around.

The Effeminacy was the most shocking event. Men who should be willing to fight and die to defend freedom asking for less freedom. Grown men of 30 afraid of boarding a train. People blathering all day about tolerance denouncing their neighbours to the police.

The failing was not only a civic one. It was a religious one, too. Bishops practically asking their governments to shut them down for as long as possible amidst the plause of the V II troops. Mass seen as an inconvenience, and those who claimed for it as evil. Countless people professing their faith in Christ sacrificing Him to childish fears.

Our democracies, and our religious freedom, are now rotting from the inside. Give it another couple of years, and there is no saying what kind of emergencies might be invented to crush our freedoms. The Marxist troops are waiting on the sidelines, eager to seize power with the usual train horses.

Racism emergency. Climate emergency. Immigration emergency. Social Justice emergency. Everything and anything can, and might well, be used to push the new Marxist Experiment By Another Name. Grown men, desirous to “look good” and signal virtue, will go with the flow. The mass media will sell the hysteria as a necessity, nay, a given.

Religious freedom will suffer first. The concerned soi-disant Christians will heartily approve as they applaud, literally, themselves, as happened in Britain every Thursday at 8pm last year. More than pathetic. Utterly alarming.

What can we do against this? We need to make our voice heard as much as we can. We need to start the long march of reason against madness. We need to call out the pansies among us, so that, one day, it will not be cool to become a frightened girl in order to get more “likes” on Facebook.

Perhaps we can still escape the Soy Tsunami that threatens us. But it will be hard work, cost symphaties, perhaps friends.

Friends we really do not want to have.

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