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This Is That, Beggar Edition

Look at these “Angels”! (Yes: murder…)

For the series “this is that”, another couple of examples of total deformation of the Christian message promoted by Marxists and Socialists (including Francis) in order to push their agenda. Both example come from a horrible, fake Catholic publication not graced with a link.

The first is the Beggar Jesus, a statue of several year ago who has now spawn a series of follow-up statues. This is clearly meant to make people of simple mind and lazy formation think that 1) they have to give money to the beggar stretched on the park bench, or 2) that the beggar in question is Anonymous Jesus, back on earth on a mission from God, or such like.

Reality is, very obviously, different. The beggar is, usually, as different from Jesus as you can imagine. In most cases, it is easily observable that he is: 1) a drunkard, 2) a drug addict, 3) a lazy ass, 4) a madman, or 5) a combination of two or more of the above. Here in the UK, “mad beggar” does not stay around for very long; therefore, 4) is only a temporary situation, and you mostly deal with the other varieties. These “gentlemen” (and, at times, “ladies”) beg from you money for their vices, because the food issue is taken care of by the Church and countless charities. In fact, in London, last time I looked, 50% of the food donated to food banks went to waste for lack of people willing to eat it. But hey, Marxist will use anything and everything to subvert the traditional order and morality.

Therefore, they will let you know that beggar = good, and you = bad.

Check your work privilege, you commuting pig….

The second is the Illegal Immigrant Angel. Yes, my dear reader. Straight to you from the “this is that” Commie Theatre, we now have the Illegal = Angel comparison. Why a criminal trying to illegally enter a foreign country should be equated to an angel is something only a person deeply perverted in his sense of elementary decency (and, probably, perverted in other things, too) can fathom. As for myself, I frankly can’t, because it’s so gratuitous. If an illegal immigrant is an angel, then a bank robber is also an angel (Robin Hood anyone?). At this point, even Salvador Allende can be an angel, and I don’t know how many people have lived who were such bastards as that one.

No doubt, there will be those, among the easily impressionable and Low IQ crowd, who fall for this easy emotional trap; particularly when they watch CNN and other subversive outlets. The problem is, it’s difficult to fight against the combined might of low intelligence and emotionalism. Those people want to do what makes them feel “good”, and the rubbish from the MSS is just the food they crave. Therefore, you only have to cry “Black Lives Matter”, and you will soon buy several houses at north of a million dollar each.

“This is that” is here to stay.

There are just too many idiots around.

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