KKKoca Cola, Or: Racist Is Who Racist Does

Martin Luther King’s “dream” always appeared to me a very fair one. Being judged by the integrity of one’s character rather than the colour of one’s skin seems a very fair, very decent, and very Christian standard of behaviour.

Not so for the New Racist; the White-hating, race-baiting apostles of a Racial War; a war they have, by the way, no hope whatsoever of winning without the acquiescence of the discriminated against, that is: the Whites. This is a deeply racist thinking and behaviour, which informs everything the Race Warriors do.

One of the most atrocious manifestations of this extremely dangerous and toxic behaviour is the instruction given by Coca Coca that 30% of the billed hours of law firms working for them should be for non-White professional work, of which the half Black.

The “architect” of this astonishingly, openly discriminatory policy , the Black Chief Counsel at Coca Cola, was politely (and with the usual golden farewell ) defenestrated a couple of days ago. The staggering incompetence of this alleged “lawyer” makes me think that this guy is , like Michelle Obama and countless others, another poisonous fruit of that racist tree hypocritically called “affirmative action”. I will also assume that, as it is often the case, the $12m severance compensation is the price for the guy not suing, telling the world exactly which idiots had supported his bonkers ideas and with which words.

Coca cola has put its foot in the dog-poo several times in the last months, and has backpedalled every time: “don’t be too White” Orwellian training, opposition to Georgia election integrity law and, now, the blatantly racist KKK tactics of its Chief Counsel have been backtracked or reneged in more or less subdued but clear ways. They have clearly seen that it hurts; and when it starts to hurt, at some point heads will roll.

Heads have , in fact, rolled. But not the executive ones. Prople of staggering incompetence and breath taking racism still warm the extremely well paid chairs of Coke’s Board in Atlanta.

I really hope that this does not end at making the virtue-signalling incompetent racist counsel the only casualty. What has happened here is a total failing of basic rules of Christian decency, redolent of a very sad phase of American history.

The buck should stop at those who, at Board level, have approved of the Counsel’s initiative, the Orwellian brainwashing exercise, and the criticism of the legislation in Georgia.

Dear reader, Coke may be an American icon, but it is working against the values you hold dear.

You should not consider them your friend merely because, this time, they have espoused a racist initiative too many.

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  1. Drinking their coke is drinking a poison anyway.

  2. Nothing like another reason to stay away from the devil’s brew Coke!

  3. I like a Coke now and again. I will try to use restraint when the urge hits me.

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