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Hard Times For Samaritans

Have a look at the video below. It shows a fight at an airport terminal, fittingly outside of the shop of “Urban Decay”

Tommy in Hialeah on Twitter: “@BillyCorben #BecauseMiami AT MIA today . https://t.co/BORrNePs58” / Twitter

It appears no charges will be pressed. I assume that there was criminal activity involved, or that none of the attackers were White whilst all of the victims were, as they say, “of colour” ( = non-White to you and me). But it’s just me, and you can correct me if I am wrong.

What I want to point out here is that it was some time before someone intervened. A huge guy on the left actually does, and on the right not even the personnel seems to want to intervene much. At least one personnel of the airport seems to be White, which makes it perfectly reasonable for him, in the Country of the Chauvin Trial, to happily look at the events, lest he be accused of having mistreated some drug addict who then sues him whilst he gets prosecuted and given to the woke mob as breakfast.

I do *not* blame anyone who did not intervene, particularly if White.

The modern Samaritan would have to pay much attention to how he handles the wounded man; the way he tries to help him would be closely scrutinised by lawyers, and by the Anti-Samaritan woke mob. His choice of transport, the time of his decision, and the way he handles the wounded man during the transport would be, if the wounded man were to die, extremely closely examined by all sorts of wrong people: lawyers chasing money, journalists chasing headlines, Marxists chasing mayhem, and looters chasing goods.

In modern time, the Marxist Mob would, in case of tragedy, blame the helpers (particularly if White) at the airport for “killing” or “maiming” the, likely, drugged or criminal poor boy, who “couldn’t breath”, was a “gentle giant”, Obama’s wished-for son, a man with a “brilliant future”, one who wanted to just discuss some things with his friends, and one who (attacker or attacked) did not even ask the Samaritan to do anything. Hey, we were discussing stuff like we always do in the ‘hood, why had the guy to put himself between me and my homies? No’ what Im say’g, dog?

Just a few days ago, a White policeman shot a Black “girl” (let me translate this for you: a monstrously violent, clearly out of control, typically obese young, brainless woman of easily 200 pounds, possibly much more) who was, in her blessed innocence, about to stab another girl, probably to death. This almost became the next woke crusade, and only the extremely compelling evidence that the White policeman actually saved the life of the attacked girl (for which I have not noticed any woke personality thanking him!) forced the idiots, captained by a hugely talented retard called, for not very clear reasons, LeBron, to backpedal pretty fast. But hey, we live in such times that the woke mob goes for the lynching, rioting and looting even with the video evidence squarely against them. Imagine what times are coming!

It’s hard to be a Samaritan nowadays. Particularly if your wounded man might be involved in criminal behaviour, or if the Samaritan act involves helping a potentially criminal victim from his certainly criminal “friends”.

I do not blame those who did not intervene. I would not do it myself, either.

These are hard times for Samaritans.

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