Keeping The Lie, Francis Edition

“Keeping the truth doesn’t mean defending ideas, becoming guardians of a system of doctrines and dogmas, but remaining bound to Christ and being devoted to his Gospel”,

I don’t know if I have ever read anything as stupid as this.

Sadly, yes, it comes from that guy.

Let us examine the egregious piece of excrement that Francis has just deposited all over Catholicism; enjoying, no doubt, the scandal he creates.

By definition, being a guardian of doctrine and dogmas is (at least for us Christians; and we are talking of truth here, so we are not talking about… Hindus) keeping the truth, because, get this…

the dogmas and doctrines are there exactly so that truth be kept.

In fact, there is no way in which a Christian can better defend the truth than by – you guessed it – becoming guardians of a system of doctrines and dogmas. There really isn’t. No amount of mental retardation or senility can ever justify wannabe emotional rubbish like this. This really is Satan at work.

One wonder what kind of filth must inhabit the mind of a person that does not seem able to see the most elementary logic in the religion he is called to, actually, defend; yes, including the dogmas and the doctrines!

The only way to try to give a meaning to the blabbering of this nincompoop is by assuming that what he means is that doctrines and dogmas are not suited to defend the truth, because lurv does it. I really, really cannot find any other explanation for the nonsense that the man spouts.

What this is is, simply put, not Christianity. It is a novel religion in which you “keep the truth” by denying it, as your lurving heart persuades you that being “bound to Christ” and being “devoted to his Gospel” is whatever makes you feel good or, better said, is convenient to you today.

What a piece of work our not-so-holy father is!

He can keep his strange lurv religion.

As for me, I will keep trying to guard the doctrines and dogmas as good as I can.

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  1. Francis DOES believe in “doctrines and dogmas,” just not those passed down from the apostles. If they are passed down from the MASONIC LODGE, well, that’s a DIFFERENT story! Laudato Si is a wrote regurgitation of Malthusianism. Fratelli Tutti is basically “liberté, égalité, fraternité” from the French Revolution. And Amoris Laetitia is an attempt to smuggle Columbia University inspired Freudian/Marxism (a/k/a cultural Marxism) into the Catholic Church. Because he has a sophomoric mind, and because he hires his ghost writers for personal loyalty to him (I’ll let you decide HOW personal) rather than their intellect or scholarship), all three of those Papal excrements read like cut-and-paste plagiarism that some high school student would gin up. If it quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck…. just one in a white cassock. No, the see of Peter is not vacant. But the mind and soul of its current occupant IS MOST CERTAINLY vacant.

  2. I wonder what PF learned in the seminary. Didn’t he learn apologetics, which is defense of the Catholic faith? Huge volumes on apologetics have been published over the centuries! It’s clear that the cult of Vatican II does not want Catholics to sit down with a book on Catholic dogma, in order to learn the basics of the faith. And why is that? Because if we do, we will realize that the VII cult teaches error! It is they who have departed from the faith.

    • I think by the time he was advanced i his studies, apologetics was already “stuffy” and “passe'” in certain Jesuit circles..

  3. I am looking forward to the response by Abp Vigano in the face of this heretical, protestant, babbling of Pope Judas I.

  4. Philip Johnson

    Heretic is as Heretic does.Satan is having a good time in Rome!

  5. The dogmas and doctrines are there so we don’t have to scroll through the Gospels each time wondering, “What would Jesus Do?” Say the question is, “Is adultery okay?” We’d have to flip through one Gospel, hope we’d find something, flip through another Gospel – see if there’s more – or maybe stop at the one and miss something from the other. Jesus says to keep the Commandment against it. “What’s a Commandment?” we’d ask as we flip through the Bible yet again to see if we can find out what the heck He’s even talking about. OMG. PF is relying on the utter stupidity of our current generation to hide, obfuscate, warp, distort, sidetrack, derail, obliterate and replace Christ’s Word with a false messianism consistent with his own corrupted little heart. Other than that, everything’s fine.

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