Deep DooDoo, Kartoffel Edition

What Do Miniskirts-Wearing Heretical Women And Priestly Formation Have In Common?

One answer to the question in the title is, obviously, “nothing”.

One other answer is “Cardinal Woelki”, as the man has appointed a miniskirt-wearing, heretic woman to the head of the “Direction of Studies in the Formation of Priests and Deacons”.  

The miniskirt-wearing lady will, therefore, have some sort of say, and certainly some sort of influence, in what seminarians study.

You might say: “come on, Mundabor. Don’t be that guy! She might be wearing miniskirts at times, but she is a right-thinking woman, surely?”.

Well, is she? Let us examine this quote from the linked article:

 ..her answer to the question what beliefs about death she has thrown overboard, “The old doctrine of the separation of body and soul

Let us pay attention here: the interviewer is clearly posing a faux-fashionable question, something that must be quite OK in German “catholic” circles: where is it that you deviate from what all generations before our have believed?

The miniskirt lady does not even think of answering to the interviewer whether he/she feels well, considering that she is a Catholic and she will obviously believe (forgetting miniskirts for a moment) all that all generations before hers have believed. No, she actually feeds the interviewer with something meant to indicate that she is, you see, an independent woman!

The idea that, at death, your souls stays in your coffin, or in your urn, or at the bottom of some ocean is quite in contrast with what the Church has always believed: that at death, a soul goes immediately to its judgment, up or down as they case may be. This is, besides being logical, so foundational that it is a mystery to me how any woman who is not thinking with her legs may disagree.

But hey, these are the people whom Cardinal Woelki think should have a say in how priests are formed.

One thing we know: Germany is in deep, deep doodoo.

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  1. You were so taken with her fashionable mini-skirt that you failed to notice (or mention) her low-cut top.
    She is clearly, top to bottom, a liberated theologianess.

    (My question is: Where does her soul go when her hemline and her neckline meet at her waistline?)

  2. In three years that woman in a skirt will be transgender.
    Let’s face obvious facts. The mainstream church has blown past apostasy and is in full rebellion against God, the faith, and us. Personally I have no idea how any Catholic would participate in a diocesan NO Mass at this point. I would encourage any Catholic who feels at the end of their rope to find a Traditional Latin Mass. There are lists online state by state if you are in the US. We all need and deserve an hour of sanity and peace in the week. You can find it there. Disengage from these destroyers, these worldly madmen. There are Latin/English translations in many Sunday Missals, and the Mass is very much the same format, you’ll recognize it. Come to the Mass, and recognize the Catholicism the mainstream church is now denying you.

  3. I should have added, diocesan TLM’s are still connected to the diocese and Rome. Give gift cards to your faithful priest so as not to support Rome. We have enjoyed the TLM through our diocese for about 6 or 7 years now. If Bergoglio tinkers and wrecks that, we will be off to the SSPX or FSSP.

  4. Kathryn Dresen

    Not only is she wearing an obscene miniskirt, but her top is low cut. I would not trust her with kindergarteners.

  5. Germany has always been an awful place. When it consisted of marauding tribes, when Luther tried to destroy the Church and all the misery and war that created, when Karl Marx created Marxism, when Germany unified, when Germany created 2 world wars, when Lutheran-Disabled Germans created post modernism/ the embracing of irrationality to deal with modernism, which has led to the hell we are in now, there were always a few good people. But as a whole they’ve always been in deep doo-doo.

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