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Ab Illo Benedicaris: Defending Francis From The Professionally Outraged.

No, my dear readers. I am not drunk, or drugged, or in any way impaired in my ability to reason. I assure you I feel, actually, quite fine.

The reason I have, today, the extremely unpleasant duty of defending the Evil Clown is the criticism directed towards him after a joke he made.

My take on the joke is as follows:

  1. I am pretty sure that, in provate, Popes have always made jokes about salvation. It would be sad it they didn’t, but in fact I am pretty sure that every Pope with a sense of humour would joke (operative word is here: joke) about hell. You see, my dear readers: Catholics aren’t Protestants! They are quite relaxed about such things. If you have a problem with that, it’s you who are protestantised, and you need to a) relax more than a bit, and b) stop signaling virtue.
  2. One might say that Francis was talking to a microphone. Therefore, this wasn’t a private joke among friends. However, as a journalist you can not be OK (as pretty much everybody of these virtue signaling people is) with the “off the cuff” papal remarks, and then complain that you didn’t like a joke.

As always, some people have a complete lack of sense of humour, coupled by the desire to show how good they are. Heavens, Pius X (if memory serves) had himself photographed relaxing in the garden, smoking a pipe (which is not a sin, by the way), and apparently quite satisfied with the moment. In those times, in which the Pope had no public appearance that wasn’t official and solemn, I have no doubt this bunch would have, if they had lived then, expressed the same complaint.

And what to say of that Pope (again, I think it was Pius IX, but don’t quote me on that) who “blessed” the visiting delegation of Anglicans with the words “Ab illo benedicaris in cuius honore cremaberis”, “May you be blessed by Him in whose honor you shall be burned”? I found it a wonderful joke, the more refined because the learned Anglicans appeared not to get it. But yes, a joke, a joke nevertheless.

Francis not only has problems, but – tragically – he is the problem.  I think, in him, we have a much bigger issue than a joke about drinking Brazilians.

This professional offence taking needs to stop. Even when Francis is its target.

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