Tradidi Quod Et Accepi: Some Simple Reflections On Bad Clergymen And Evil Times.

One of the advantages of not writing professionally is that I do not have endless hours to write about how this or that member of the  clergy displeased me. Granted, I have been displeased less than others; still…

I see the matter as very simple. The Church is the Bride of Christ, given to us by the Latter to help us in our way towards, hopefully, salvation. If a priest or a bishop, or twenty o them, tried to abuse me in various ways, I love to think that I would not react very kindly to their behaviour; still, I hope that, even after clergyman number twenty tries to abuse me, I would not doubt the sanctity and the truth of the Church.

You see: you can call me a dreamer, or a romantic; but to me, the Church is represented by those thousands of canonised saints – pre- Francis, obviously – and by the countless souls now in heaven or purgatory,  not by Francis and the many evil religious currently walking around.

People should never allow anyone to lessen their faith in the Church, because the Church has not been given to us by people.

So, where does this leave me when not even the Our Father is safe from clerical attack?  Where it always left everyone who, before me, was confronted with heresy.

Tradidi quod et accepi.

There is, in our little mission, not much more than working on the salvation of ourselves and our beloved one, and defending the truth that we have received.

This truth is as solid as granite. The Traditional Latin Mass is, likely, more solid than Granite. I do not doubt the TLM because the officiating priest is bad. I can and will doubt the bad priest, not the Church inside which it operates.

I am a simple man, mind, and I do not mind a bit of quite banal, but consequential, analysis of what is happening: the Church is getting mad, and this is the challenge of my lifetime. Others had other challenges, from war to pestilence,  but I have this one.

It has not been given to me to live in a time of sanity. I have to live, and die, in a time in which people think that a man can be a woman, and dogmas are bad for the Church.

I still prefer this to pestilence, though, so I count my blessings and soldier on, no matter what priests, bishops or Popes do.

One day, if all goes well, I will be admitted to join the saints.

That day, all this madness will be utterly irrelevant.

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  1. Feldman, Cynthia P

    Interesting that you found this mundabor blog….he has cleaned up his act over the years….he used to have a lot of foul language so that I could never forward. He also has moved more along in the right direction, too. He used to go to a NO and thought that was fine. He is in EngIand, so I’m not sure if he was even close to a TLM. Not sure what his status is these days.

    • I never use foul language, but I still call a whore a whore. The Bible does it, too. I don’t know what direction you are talking about, this blog has never changed. It’s perfectly fine to go to a NO mass. I really, really hope you are not some fag trolling.

  2. Pauly Fongemie

    Beautifully put. A truly Catholic response.

  3. Aaron Aukema

    Mundabor, this will never be irrelevant, for this is where we unite our sufferings and struggles to those of the saints and most importantly, Our Lord. Remember, God chose us to be alive at this time, and chose us to be His soldiers in this battle. That is an amazing thought…

  4. Re: “….not much more than working on the salvation of ourselves and our beloved one, and defending the truth that we have received”. Well said and thanks for this reminder, M.

    When the stark raving madness of our current times gets overwhelming, resistance seems futile and it looks far, far easier to give in, give way and go with the tide simple clarifications like yours is a balm for the sharp edges today throws at you.

    At the end of it all did I try my best in the storm to ‘salvage’ myself, my loved ones and any others the God put in my path?Thanks again

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