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Schismatic Patriarch More Catholic Than The Pope

OK, I know… I know…

These days, even my cat is more Catholic than the Pope; but I just couldn’t resist.

It turns out that our schismatic brothers and sisters still have, at least, a solid grasp on reality, which cannot be said for the Evil Clown so unworthily occupying the chair of Peter.

The Bulgarian Patriarch has just stated to his Government that two and two is four; or, if you prefer, that reality is what it is, and it is literal madness to pretend that there can be a parallel universe just because we think it “nice” (if we are dumb) that it be so.

Being born with a penis makes one a male. Being born with a vagina makes one a female. Two and two is four.

The Patriarch, however, does not limit himself to stating the obvious. He delves into that stuff, totally unknown to Pope Thunberg, called religion. He says, in fact, that all this “gender” stuff is of the devil. Mind, this is no breathtaking news, either, particularly if said by a prelate, however schismatic. But I miss, in now eight year of extremely disgraceful pontificate, even this from Francis.

We all know why. It’s not that Francis likes trannies and gender “confusion”, and I think that this could be the only issue in which he agrees with the real Catholics out there. It is there, evidently not believing in God, the man is unable to think in term of “devil”. He might mention him, of course, but if he does, it is normally to bash us. The idea that there is a devil out there, who wants to confuse people about their won sex in order to get a bigger harvest, is clearly a stranger to him.

This is going to get interesting in the years to come, because I do not doubt that the Western part of the European Union (including Italy) will, in the next years, push hard for more gender confusion. When this happens, they will meet a strong resistance from a block of Countries which, taken together, are quite relevant in the great scheme of European Union things. When insanity is claimed to be a human right, it won’t be long before the sane react.

It would be nice to think that, when the time comes, the reigning Pontiff will throw his diminished prestige and waning authority on the side of sanity. But in order to do this we need, at the very least, Francis gone.

Pray for the end of this Pontificate.

We need a Pope who, at least, believes in God, the devil, and the four last things.

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