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Pope Francis The Failure

Rorate Caeli has an interesting article (translated) from Antonio Socci.

The Leitmotiv of the article is very simple: Francis has failed, and he is now criticised even by his allies of yesteryear, increasingly more isolated and, in general, going down like a Japanese aircraft during the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot. The description of the multi-faceted chaos over which Francis is now reigning is truthful, extensive, and rather entertaining.

Socci, who writes for a newspaper and must pretend he has some esteem for Francis, says that the man might be in good faith. He must, also, pretend that behind all the chaos there is some strategy of sort, that the idea of becoming the next UN would, in Francis’ hopes, “invigorate” the Church.

If you ask me, Socci knows perfectly well (but he cannot write it) what the real situation is: Francis has, since the beginning, been operating with an arrogance, a godlessness, and incompetence and, very evidently, a degree of imbecility that could only produce the results it has produced. It is, in the end, absurd to think, as Socci in his excessive charity seem to invite you to do, that the total mess he describes could have been caused by a man guiding the Church in a planned, at least half-intelligent way. No, the massive deterioration of the support he used to enjoy among the godless, the leftists, the Pollyannas and the perverts, after losing a long time ago the support of the true Catholics, can only be explained with the inability, typical of the idiot, to look beyond the tip of his nose and to understand that the “inclusive” church that excludes Christ will, in the end, become hostage of bigger and bigger demands, until not even he can comply with them. But then again, it is typical of an idiot to think that he can impress people forever with wheelchair stunts, hollow sounding tweets, and popular heresies.

The “Bergoglio effect”, remember it? Where is it now? The “Bergoglio effect” has been, in reality, the one that this little blog, and many other blogs beside, have been forecasting for years: the total loss of face of a Pontificate based on a mixture of nothing, easy slogans, nothing, three dollops of socialism, nothing, heresy, more nothing, sabotage of the Sacraments, constant downplaying of and insult to traditional Catholic values, even more nothing and, last but not least, constant attacks against Catholics. All this, mixed with more, daily doses of nothing in the form of pro-climate-scam tweets and the like, the childishness of which now embarrasses even his most ardent fangirls.

This Pontificate is going down like the above mentioned aircraft, and it will crash with a huge bang the day this unprecedented example of godlessness, incompetence, arrogance and stupidity finally meets his maker.

Let me say it once again: I really can’t wait.

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