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The Resistance Is Everywhere

Francis’ true intentions behind the footnote in the previously mentioned letter is clear. The poison in the pie, giving the Eucharist to faithful in mortal sin due to adultery, is part of a grand plan to attempt to permanently alter the Faith itself. Catholics who believe in the teachings stand in the way. For the longest time now many of us who were Catholic, or who were better Catholics, because of the pope now have to learn to be Catholic despite the pope.

Read these words, which are (sadly) not mine, and understand the lucidity with which many, writing on their blogs, realise what is going on and, without leaving Catholicism or taking refuge in absurd fantasies, react to the situation by simply taking refuge in… our wonderful Catholic faith.

People will either know the Faith better because they’ve had to debunk so many erroneous sounding utterances or will fall victim to his deceit and receive Communion uselessly and sacrilegiously like so many Bidens or disgruntled baptized Catholic proabortion/sodomy leftists who show up at special church events to run everything, demanding they’re reading the Scriptures at funerals and marching up self-righteously to demand Communion at weddings and funerals as though they’re just as Catholic as Mother Teresa.

More from the same author. A harsh, but truthful, examination of the current situation in the Church; a situation which sees Catholics treated as bad human beings, and the promoters of holocausts receiving all possible honours from those very people that should be their shepherds.

[Francis] seems to lack humility, changing the Lord’s Prayer as he does, kneeling to kiss the feet of African leaders or wash Muslim feet on Holy Thursday while refusing to do so each time he says holy Mass for God Himself truly present in the Eucharist. It seems that everything is ridiculously venerated except the Faith and the Lord Himself, a hallmark of the modernist heresy.

This is another pearl. Yes, everything is venerated nowadays, from retarded youth to animals and plants; most of all, the veneration of sinfulness – particularly of, in the end, the most sinful of all sinners, sexual perverts – has reached now a lever where the opposition to perversion is not only merely formal, but the Vatican hierarchy will do everything they can to let you know that they are just going through the motions (the recent events in Italy are quite illuminating).

Who is, you will ask, this lucid, but very harsh blogger? Who is this guy who accuses Francis of encouraging, promoting heresies at every step, whilst – obviously – recognising him as the Pope?

Well, let me reveal him to you: he is a blogger priest.

There is, in this worthy man, no desire to escape reality. Things are what they are. We cope with reality, acknowledge the issues, and tackle them with the weapons the Church has given us; weapons which will always be sufficient to deal with any issue under the sun.

The situation in which we find ourselves is certainly unprecedented, but the arising of unprecedented situations is not new at all. It was a first when Marcellinus denied God. It was a first when Honorius prohibited the traditional Creed and had it substituted for a PC one. It was a first when Honorius took side with the heretics. It was a first when John XXII threatened to proclaim an absurd, obviously heretical “dogma”, and it was still a first when, having renounced to the proclamation of the dogma, still claimed for himself the right to believe in his heresy and was left in place.

It is no use to recur to subtle distinguos and state that Honorius, perhaps, wasn’t really as bad; that Marcellinus did, in fact, never proclaimed any heresies; or that John XXII was, I don’t know, badly instructed. It does not count. All those situations were a new, never before seen challenge to the Church. How did the faithful react? By being, well, faithful; sometimes with greater energy, speed and resolve (Marcellinus), sometimes with a long-drawn battle that went on for decades (Liberius), and sometimes biding their time after the cowardly reaction and acquiescence of the Bishops, which ended only after the death of the pope (Honorius, but also Formosus, who seems to have done unspeakable stuff himself, the details of which remain obscure).

Providence has, as it always will have, the answer already. The Resistance is here to stay, and – by God’s grace – it will not be an Argentinian boor with no clue of anything, not even of his own stupidity, or any of his equally unworthy successors, that crushes the Church.

The reprobates will, one day, go to hell. The elect will, one day, end up in Heaven. Francis will not change the count, not even by one.

Francis is pope. And he is an unprecedented disgrace. We know this because it’s happening. We are called to react to this by knowing the faith better.

More Catholicism. More penance. More fasting. More faith in the Lord.

Face reality with faith, and leave the fantasies in the realm of the fiction.

The Resistance is everywhere. Providence is at work.

Our side has already won.

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