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Wien: Providence At Work

The SSPX has been given the Minoritenkirche in Vienna. This a beautiful, very old, prestigious church in the heart of the City. The SSPX had, up to now, no presence in Vienna.

It really is like a breath of fresh air. Exactly in the place whence the stench of Cardinal Schoenborn’s homosexualist propaganda spreads all over the Catholic world, a beautiful, authentically Catholic voice will be raised.

The church is big, but it is an easy prediction that it will be constantly packed; reaction to Schoenborn, curiosity, and love for Latin will draw to it not only the true believers but , in time, those whom Providence will gently, but irresistibly, attract towards the beauty of proper Catholicism, the same way it has happened to many others in the past; among whom, unworthily, yours truly.

If you ask me, it should be a constant endeavour of every sincere Catholic to see Providence at work in all events of this disgraceful age, bad and good ones.

The antics of our clown prelates do have a providential function, as they help the Elect to, by the simple reaction to them, get in touch with proper Catholicism, deepen and more firmly love it like the prisoner longs for freedom. Still, I think that the Lord in His Mercy also helps us in a more uplifting way, showing us by many signs the irrepressible vitality of His Church, properly intended.

If you ask me, we – and I with you – need to train ourselves in the detection of God’s providential plan in all the seeming defeats, outrages and other bad news engendered by the bunch of scoundrels currently disfiguring the Church; to whom, all of them, no matter how evil, we should wish repentance and salvation, actually praying for it for them so that, through their repentance and conversion, God’s glory may be more evidently revealed and shown to all; but knowing at all times that, if that is not the case, they will still be the expression of God’s glory, only in a much more fearful way.

This news made my day. We will know more in the next days.

The battle is already won.

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